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  1. Bump... Anyone? Thanks
  2. TnMountainMan

    New Member! - 2009 Edge SEL here

    Thanks Niceonept & Sage
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    2009 Edge SEL - New replacement key fob recommendations

    Thanks WWW PerfA ZNOW! Much appreciated
  4. Greetings folks. Does anyone have some recommendation for a place to purchase and / or have a new key fob cut / programmed? Any online business in particular that you would recommend for these services? I know there is a better cheaper way to accomplish this without involving a dealer so can you give this older disabled dude some insight? Thanks!
  5. Help! Just bought this 2009 Edge for my wife and a few things are not working correctly. First up is both outside mirrors will only work in 2 of 4 directions. I believe it was up and right that worked only. The other two directions when pressed do nothing? Also is it alright to adjust them (for now) manually or does that screw them up? Is there some sort of method to reset them? If so please explain it to a older disabled dude. Thanks!
  6. TnMountainMan

    New Member! - 2009 Edge SEL here

    Greetings everyone! Thanks for allowing me to be apart of this forum. I'm sure it will help immensely. 60 and seriously physically disabled here and already have a few issues to post questions about so here it goes.... Weeee! lol