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  1. Samiii

    SYNC 2 android auto/carplay

    Just posting for notifications
  2. Samiii

    SYNC 2 android auto/carplay

    Did you find a solution to this? And if you did upgrade - what did it cost you?
  3. Samiii

    2015 Trunk button not working

    how did this go?
  4. Samiii

    Liftgate malfunction

    I have 2015 Ford Edge SEL without PowerLift gate - will this part still work?
  5. I can see a lot of threads on this but not really on my model and the resolution or parts of it. I got a check engine light 2 days back and on checking with the OBD II scanner - I found its the P1450 I havent seen any issues - no sounds - no driving issues - I did realize that the mpg has gone to 17 but that could very well be because of snowing lately. Usually I get 20ish mpg I need suggestions: Should I try removing the code and observe if it comes back? Should I just get the purge valve and replace it - if yes, does anyone has instructions on it (and where can I get the purge Valve from) Should I get it done by someone - what should be the charges? Honestly I have never worked on my car before so it would be new for me but I am ready to put effort to save a 100 bucks. Bonus: I am in Virginia so if anyone knows any shop which will be cheap and let me watch this - I can go there. Finally, safe to drive for about 400-500 miles?