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  1. Gents, Looking in SECM Module for Engine Tune Selection page I could not find the Engine fitted in my car Edge ST-Line 2018 2.0L Diesel 210 HBP. Which one I should select?
  2. Gents..this is a great news , I would like to get ACC in my car, where I could get the ACC switch in UK? and how do I know if it will work on my car
  3. Gents.. Appreciate your help How do I delete admin Key? I have programmed an admin key in addition to the two keys I have as this key has 4 buttons for remote start then I found out it has the wrong FCCID code number, I would like to delete it from the menu, How can I do that?
  4. Unfortunately It did not work, I still have issue with two line(DDM) 740-03-1 and (PDM) 741-03-1 reading F while while instruction in table above said to change 6 to 7.
  5. Thank for the info, I will add details of my car to signature as suggested, my Edge is 2017 ST Line Turbo Diesel (UK version)
  6. Thanks for your help, As my knowledge of forscan is almost 1 day old I appreciate your support and excuse my lack of understanding. ... I did not figure out which digit I need to change the Line 720-02-01 has FBA4 AC78 1E08, your charts say 3 disable and 7 enable , next Column says : Add Hex 4 to Existing Value: 3+4=7. But there is no 3 in all line. attached screen shot.
  7. Could you let me know Reverse mirror tilt code please.