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  1. Okay, We've tried the first two. the shifter seems to be working great. and lights always come on. We tapped the camera while in reverse, didn't work. I'll take that panel off again, I looked inside all of the connectors, but I wasn't 100% sure which one was the specific one for the camera itself. I couldn't quite get to the camera without removing that additional backplate. Do you know which one it would be? Thanks for the recommendations!
  2. I looked at this specifically, and it wasn't in that condition. Still looked new.
  3. As an update, I took the back panel off to look for a cut, loose, or corroded wire, and It looks brand new back there still. I also tried the "quick fix" of turning off and on the camera settings. My vehicle has never had any "vehicle not in park" symptoms so I don't think its that either.
  4. Hey there, I've seen a few other posts about this from several years ago, and nothing is quite the same situation. So my camera works about 5-10% of the time and all the other times I get the black screen and the "contact your dealership" message. On the rare occasion it works, it has had to sit in park for 5+ minutes, normally while I start the car early and get the kids outside and loaded up. Any info would help. Thanks!