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  1. I went out and unlocked my Edge, got in and this was on the radio screen. Has anyone ever had this happen before? This was before I even put the key in the ignition.
  2. I just bought a used 2013 Edge SE that was in amazing shape and I really love this vehicle, however, I haven't found a way to turn on the verticle LED lights that are on the front bumper. These look like driving or fog lights, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to activate them. I also found a toggle switch underneath and to the left of my steering wheel that doesn't seem to do anything either. I am guessing this was an aftermarket toggle switch that someone added at some point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Whoever wired them up wired them so they come on with the ignition no matter what position the lights or toggle switch is in. Now, I have to figure out what that toggle switch is for. Lol.
  4. After doing some testing with a test light I managed to find out it was a bad fuse in the fusable link. They are working fine now.
  5. After doing some checking, I pulled the inner wheel well cover to look at the back of the strip lights. I found they ARE plugged in and the wire from the harness at the lights runs up from the passenger side over to the driver's side and from there up towards the battery and I lose where it goes from there. It looks like it MIGHT run through the firewall and to the toggle switch that is underneath and to the left of my steering wheel. It also appears that there is a fusable link that plugs into the fuse box in the engine compartment that I am not sure if it is part of this mess or not. It does have a 30 amp fuse in it. This is really driving me nuts. I would really like to get this figured out and these led strip lights working, but I can't afford to take it to the dealer since I live on disability.
  6. I just bought a 2013 Edge SE and it has the little four inch screen (Sync with MyFord) non touch version. When I went to the website it shows an update available, but it only gives me the option to go to a dealer to update it. Is there any other way to update this without going to the dealer? I also am unable to play music from a thumb drive when I plug it into the usb. I enter the menu for it, select usb, it tries to sync up but I get a message along the lines of device unusable or something to that fact. The drive has been formated to FAT32 and should work. Would this be because of the Sync needing an update?
  7. Whenever I try to use a USB thumb drive to play media files I get a message of "Unsupported device" after it tries to initialize the USB. I thought that might be because I am on sync version 1 and it needed an update. I downloaded the update to a thumb drive and still am having the same issue. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. BraddB

    Unsupported device

    I got it figured out. The thumb drive was partitioned in gpt instead of mbr. Once I changed it all over to mbr the sync update worked, and now media files play just fine.
  9. BraddB

    Software update question

    I contacted Ford and they directed me to a website where I could download the update for my system. I have it downloaded now and am getting ready to install it. Here's to hoping for the best!
  10. I appreciate it, guess I will just have to dig into the front end to see what is going on with the lights. Seems like someone just dipped or painted the front end. Was hoping to get lucky with this, but doesn't seem that way. Lol
  11. Message sent. Here are a picture of the wheels on my Edge
  12. It's odd... when I run the vin it comes back as an SE, BUT.... it seems that it MIGHT be the sport model. Here is an actual picture of my Edge. What do you think I am dealing with here? An SE or Sport? It has the SE features, but appears to have the Sport front end. This has me totally confused.
  13. I have attached an image of what my Edge looks like, except mine is black in color. It has the exact lights on it, although, I don't know if they are aftermarket or not. When it isn't so hot outside, and my back isn't hurting (have had multiple surgeries) I will try to get a look at the wiring for it.
  14. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  15. I thought of that too, had my wife check while it was in gear and they still didn't come on. I guess it is possible the wires aren't hooked up.