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  1. BraddB

    A/C needs a recharge?

    I still have no A/C in this car. It has been recharged and the cooling fans have been replaced. On a hunch I removed the glove box and it appears that the blend door motors are getting no power. Neither the driver side or passenger side moves when the temperature is changed. I bought a new blend door motor and attached it to the wiring and it didn't move either. I just have the single climate control in my car. Are there fuses or relays I should check? At this point I am about to get rid of this car.
  2. I have a 2013 Edge Se with the 3.5L engine. Today the blower motor stopped working, and when I went to take it out to test it I found that it was unplugged from the connecter. Once plugged back in the motor worked fine, but now the A/C blows hot when it was blowing cold yesterday. I was going to check to see if it needed recharged, but there is no sticker under the hood that tells me which type of freon to use. Everything I have found says it is possible that it could be R134A or R1234YF. Is there a way to find out without the sticker? I am hoping to recharge this myself and not have to take it to a shop or the dealer. Thanks.
  3. I am not sure of the wiper age, they were on there when we bought the car back in April/May. I haven't tried wiping them down yet, but will do that here today since it is pretty nice outside. Hopefully this works, these blades aren't exactly cheap from what I have found.
  4. I just had my Edge in for an oil change and they checked over everything. They said everything came back in good shape, but the problem I am having is my front wiper blades are streaking even though they are in good shape. The tech at the dealership said that there was a screw that could adjust the downward pressure to stop the streaking. I have no idea where this is. Can anyone help me out with this please?
  5. BraddB

    Auto window reset

    Wow, that was a lot of information! Thank you, looks like I will be buying a new switch for it here soon. Hopefully that will take care of the problem. Thank you.
  6. BraddB

    Auto window reset

    Is it possible for just the auto down part of the switch to go bad while the other functions still work?
  7. BraddB

    Auto window reset

    I tried that with no luck. I was hoping to be able to fix this myself instead of spending money at the dealership.
  8. BraddB

    Auto window reset

    Anyone? This issue isn't a major problem but it should be fixable.
  9. BraddB

    Auto window reset

    We have had our 2013 Edge SE for about 3 months now, maybe a little longer and I really love this car. Ever since we bought it the Auto Up for the drivers door window works perfect, but the auto down has had a mind of it's own. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn't. It is to the point now that auto down won't work at all. Manual down still works but the auto down seems to think it isn't meant to work at all. I have tried some of the reset procedures I have found on the web with no luck. The auto up still works fine though. This is driving me nuts. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Whoever wired them up wired them so they come on with the ignition no matter what position the lights or toggle switch is in. Now, I have to figure out what that toggle switch is for. Lol.
  11. After doing some testing with a test light I managed to find out it was a bad fuse in the fusable link. They are working fine now.
  12. After doing some checking, I pulled the inner wheel well cover to look at the back of the strip lights. I found they ARE plugged in and the wire from the harness at the lights runs up from the passenger side over to the driver's side and from there up towards the battery and I lose where it goes from there. It looks like it MIGHT run through the firewall and to the toggle switch that is underneath and to the left of my steering wheel. It also appears that there is a fusable link that plugs into the fuse box in the engine compartment that I am not sure if it is part of this mess or not. It does have a 30 amp fuse in it. This is really driving me nuts. I would really like to get this figured out and these led strip lights working, but I can't afford to take it to the dealer since I live on disability.
  13. I went out and unlocked my Edge, got in and this was on the radio screen. Has anyone ever had this happen before? This was before I even put the key in the ignition.
  14. BraddB

    Unsupported device

    I got it figured out. The thumb drive was partitioned in gpt instead of mbr. Once I changed it all over to mbr the sync update worked, and now media files play just fine.
  15. Whenever I try to use a USB thumb drive to play media files I get a message of "Unsupported device" after it tries to initialize the USB. I thought that might be because I am on sync version 1 and it needed an update. I downloaded the update to a thumb drive and still am having the same issue. Anyone have any ideas?