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  1. I have noticed that the air conditioner in our car has an issue, but only when it is at idle. The a/c blows nice and cold when driving, but when you start the car and let it run for 10 minutes or so the temp is pretty warm. It cools off once you start driving. I just had the a/c checked for leaks, drained and refilled last summer. I also replace both blend door actuators as well. Anyone have any ideas? I will check the cabin air filter in the morning.
  2. I gave that a shot, but it didn't work. Although when I connected those wires to the head unit and attempted the steering learn function it said it was sucessful but it wasn't. It looks like even though I shouldn't need one of those boxes I will have to buy one. The only thing I wanted it for was the factory voice commands. The fatory mic works so much better than the aftermarket mic.
  3. Looks like I need to do some reasearch and figure things out. I had to do this about 10 years ago when I added an aftermarket head unti in my Escalade, but it was a name brand stereo, not some generic Android unit.
  4. I thought about this too, but the Ebay seller either doesn't have that info or just doesn't want to give me that info. I know what wires to use on the head unit, just not what wires to connect them to on the factory wiring harness on the edge. I can't find any info anywhere that tells me what wires going into the harness are for the steering wheel controls. I do appreciate your reply. Thank you.
  5. What site did you find the diagrams on if I can ask? I am looking for the same info for my 2013 Edge. Thanks
  6. Nobody has any ideas? I have searched and searched all over and can't seem to find a diagram or picture that shows me what two wires I need to connect. Any ideas or help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
  7. I recently installed an aftermarket Android head unit in my car and it a;llows you to use your factory steering wheel controls, but to do this there are two wires on the head unit that are Key 1 and Key 2. These two wires need to be connected up to the factory wiring harness on the main plug. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to which these two wires might be? Thank you.
  8. I got it working this morning. I had to flash a copy of ZLink back onto my head unit. It seems the copy that was on it got deleted somehow. Now both wired and wireless Android Auto are working just fine. Thank you for replying, I do appreciate it.
  9. I have a 2013 Edge Se with the small 4" blue and white infotainment screen and didn't care much for it so I bought an aftermarket Android head unit. The unit I bought is a 9" Vertical unit running Android 12 and has Android Auto (supposedly) but the issue is I can't get the Android Auto to connect up to my phone, everything else works just fine, with the exception of a few of the steering wheel controls. I just want the Android Auto to work. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  10. Thanks, turns out my mechanic said something to the fact there is a motor in, or under the dash somewhere that went bad that he found after running a scan on the system. I guess it's time to save up for an expensive repair. Living on SSDI stinks!
  11. I had the same issue, only I also had the ABS and Brake warning lights on my dash. Turns out I had to replace my clock spring sensor, which is under the steering wheel, and to get to it I had to remove my airbag, and then the steering wheel. I am glad I didn't have to replace the steering wheel angle sensor as well. The warning lights are still on in my car and it turns out I have to go into the dealer to get that module (I believe they called it the PCI) reprogrammed. I am getting that done this Thursday. Good luck.
  12. I still have no A/C in this car. It has been recharged and the cooling fans have been replaced. On a hunch I removed the glove box and it appears that the blend door motors are getting no power. Neither the driver side or passenger side moves when the temperature is changed. I bought a new blend door motor and attached it to the wiring and it didn't move either. I just have the single climate control in my car. Are there fuses or relays I should check? At this point I am about to get rid of this car.
  13. I have a 2013 Edge Se with the 3.5L engine. Today the blower motor stopped working, and when I went to take it out to test it I found that it was unplugged from the connecter. Once plugged back in the motor worked fine, but now the A/C blows hot when it was blowing cold yesterday. I was going to check to see if it needed recharged, but there is no sticker under the hood that tells me which type of freon to use. Everything I have found says it is possible that it could be R134A or R1234YF. Is there a way to find out without the sticker? I am hoping to recharge this myself and not have to take it to a shop or the dealer. Thanks.
  14. I am not sure of the wiper age, they were on there when we bought the car back in April/May. I haven't tried wiping them down yet, but will do that here today since it is pretty nice outside. Hopefully this works, these blades aren't exactly cheap from what I have found.
  15. I just had my Edge in for an oil change and they checked over everything. They said everything came back in good shape, but the problem I am having is my front wiper blades are streaking even though they are in good shape. The tech at the dealership said that there was a screw that could adjust the downward pressure to stop the streaking. I have no idea where this is. Can anyone help me out with this please?
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