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  1. From the traffic I have seen on this site, it seems like most people have been able to get the download over the air, including myself. However, one person was having trouble and was told by the dealer they would have it done at the dealership. From the communication HAZ replied with, it looks like the tech can check if the download was made without going through a long process of just downloading it.
  2. No. Never got specific actions to try, because at the time I called we were still waiting for a fix to be available. I just set my vehicle and My Ford App up to receive an update if there was one. That is to the best of my technical ability, which luckily seemed to be enough. The good news, compared to a few days ago ,at least there seems to be a fix in place. Based on the response you received, you may want to try your dealers service department.
  3. In my case this has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had relating to a car issue. Back in May they had the vehicle for a month, I filed a complaint with Ford Corporate, reported it to the NHTSA, had a formal case number etc. That being said I have no idea of how and who they are sending the downloads to, but I did create an awareness by calling customer service and asking for Sync 4A support, just a few days prior to getting the download.
  4. I did receive the third download, which basically completed the process if you wanted to hook up with Amazon/Alexa. I also just spoke with Ford software support regarding the "Np Driver Logged In" message They were aware of the issue, said it had something to do with Apple Car Play, and a fix is in place and that should occur within a few days. The message can be dismissed, and it has no negative impacts, just an annoyance. The techs I have spoken with have been very helpful. Customer service (800) 392- 3673. The automated service will ask what kind of vehicle you have, and then ask what you are calling for. I simply said I have a question regarding Sync 4A software, and I was transferred to a tech representative. Have your VIN handy. Side note, front camera still works, glad to have it back.
  5. Excuse the paranoia, but the front camera is still working today. Received the second part of the previous download yesterday. The front camera now works as it did originally. A third download of lesser content was mentioned coming soon. I am getting a message saying no driver logged in, and is looking for a 4 digit number. I have no idea what they are referring too. Everything else seems to work, even the ambient lighting is staying on.
  6. John S

    Front Camera now working as designed. Received the second part of an update today. Also mentioned still not complete will see an Alexa App when the update is complete. Another App is showing up  called "Driver ID" which apparently is a 4 digit number, and I do not know what they are referencing, any input would be appreciated.   Appreciate the help during this process. 

  7. I called Ford Customer service today. They show no issues with my vehicle, however, they did connect me with technical support and they acknowledged SSM 50884 which I was told is the front camera fix, but was not yet available. The NHTSA website under dealer communications Aug 31, 2022, references Update 3 Part 1, was available, but goes on to say the front camera fix is not included in that portion of the update. Just sharing information, if it is other then an over the air fix, may want to keep in communications with the dealer.
  8. I did get a September update that did not address the camera issue. However, beside the Alexa comment, it went on to say this was only part one of a two part download. The second part being extensive, and it did mention future improvements. Although my confidence level of the second download addressing the camera is low as it was not specifically mentioned. Has anyone received the second part of the update? John S
  9. John S

    Curious to know why hood insulation and engine covers were eliminated on some models. I have a 2021 Edge ST. I have noticed some other makes have also eliminated at least covers. Is it just a material shortage, cost cutting or for a technical purpose. I recently read GM will be shipping the 2023 Camaro without hood insulation, due to a material shortage.  It is unclear whether they will be retrofitted at a later date. 

  10. I think we all feel your frustration. A big advantage of this forum is having someone who has access to the Ford OASIS, and if some positive activity occurs we will know. Also. you can file a customer complaint on the NHTSA web site, NHTSA.GOV. Under recalls you will see some complaints have already been filed for this problem. Enough complaints would eventually lead to ironically a recall to fix the front camera. Hopefully there will be a fix before that occurs.
  11. John S

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    I have a 2021 Edge ST about 18,000 miles on it. The majority of my driving are short trips 8 miles or less. I have never got less then 19 MPG, and often get 20 mpg. On trips the least I have gotten is 25 mpg, but most of the time get about 26 mpg. to 28 mpg. I live in the Houston are and there is no easy driving, plus the way the car is geared it does not take much to accelerate. I do burn premium.
  12. Just tried mine no luck. Comes on initially, but not after driving. Appreciate the communication, maybe something is in the works.
  13. If you did not exceed 6 mph (I believe that is cut off threshold) under normal circumstances, the camera will stay on. The problem is after the initial start up the camera does work, but once you exceed the 6 mph it will not come on after that, until the car is restarted. that being said if it does work normally that would seem to be good news. As far as I am aware there has not been an update. John
  14. That is good news, we know they can make it work. I assume when you enter your VIN number on the NHTSA web site, or other recall check, it shows no recalls, meaning even if there was one it has been addressed. The recall that caused the issue with the front camera, was 22S14, which addressed the rear camera cut out. It would seem either the 2022, or at least some 2022 models, were compatible with the original 22S14 fix, or Ford has found a solution to the problem, or the recent download was totally unrelated. Anyway appreciate the information.