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    Sync 4A Versus Sync 4

    The 15 inch screen is specific to the Mustang, the Edges from 2021 have the size screen that we have. The software is designated Sync 4, the distinction which makes it a 4A is the larger (12 inch portrait) screen, and the added functions when compared to previous years. I had the same question early on and it was addressed in one of the previous threads. I also had someone who works with the software give the same response.
  2. It is very helpful to have this type of information. Thanks!
  3. I have had two separate sources tell me the A signifies the large touch screen.
  4. My 2021 Ford edge ST build sheet and window sticker indicate the operating system as SYNC 4A. Yet when I check the SYNC version from the touch screen it says SYNC 4. Can anyone tell me if the SYNC 4 is correct. Perhaps 4A refers to the large touch screen?
  5. Sure looks that way. I was told a software fix was in the works. Not sure we can assume the 2022 architecture is the same as the 2021. I hope it is.
  6. I do not know what version I went into the dealership with, as my main motivator was to address the recall notice I received, and when I tried to update my software it just said I was up to date. However, I just checked and the version I am running after 30 days at the dealership is Rev 22028 _ Product Revision 358. Yours is Rev 22043 _ Product Revision 379. I also noticed it said Sync 4, and I believe the vehicle is Sync 4A. The dealer was aware of this as when I first went in back on May 3, 2022 the service advisor told me the download was going to take longer then he thought, because he did not realize the car was Sync 4A. My VIN did come up as part of the recall. Do you happen to know if your software particularly says Sync 4A, and did your VIN come in as part of the recall 22S14, the rear camera issue?
  7. Worst yet I took it to the dealer myself in response to the recall, for some reason I did not get the over the air update, I do have auto updates selected.
  8. I just joined and am still trying to navigate my way through the Forum. I posted an article over the weekend. I have a 2021 Ford Edge ST and after they loaded the software to address 22S14 for the rear camera, afterwards the front camera did not function as designed. The dealer had the car for over 30 days working with Ford Corp Hotline, and could not fix it. They released the car back to me on June 3, 2002 saying they would come up with a fix sometime in the future. I posted a complaint of the NHTSA website, after I saw another 2021 Edge ST filed a complaint having experienced the same problem as I. However, for some reason they removed the complaint I saw, once I filed mine.
  9. On April 26, 2022, I took my 2021 Ford Edge ST into the dealership to address Ford Recall Notice 22S14, which was to correct the possibility of a faded or blank image on the rear camera, which I was not experiencing.  After the recall (software download) was completed, my front 180 degree camera did not work as designed.  The 180 camera initially comes on if selected, and does go off once 6 mph is exceeded as it should, but will not re-engage after that, even below the 6 mph  parameter, or stopped. I took it back to the dealership on April 29, 2022, they could not correct it. Went back to the dealership May 3, 2022, the car was at the dealership  until June  3, 2022 (one month).  Still not corrected. Ford released the car June 3, 2022, the dealership said once they identified a fix they would notify me.  Has anyone had the recall done, if so were there any issues. I should note: I suspect this may be an issue specific to the ST.