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  1. I have a new Edge Titanium. I am confused about the transmission. On the window sticker and all the ads, it said I have an 8 speed tranny. If I go into sport mode it shows the gears as it shifts. But it never goes over 7. I recall someone saying that they had eliminated one gear and reprogrammed the tranny. Does anyone have any real data on this?
  2. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Davidoo - Do you have a large area around the hitch that is left open? Just wondering if I need something more or that’s it.
  3. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    My dealer found that too. They are still sending me the insulator free of charge. I guess they want me to come back!
  4. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Davidoo - yes, I saw those tabs but don’t know what they are for. They aren’t needed for this. I just put the shield between them. The holes should line up with the metal clips showing through.
  5. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Davidoo - There is no need to remove anything except those nuts (10mm) I showed in my post, and those go right back on. This just slides in. Make sure that you get the forward lip of it above the heat shield on top of the muffler and the end tabs go on those screws that I took pictures of in my post. The new shield has the clip on threaded adapters for the screws so no need for nuts on top. The rear (rear being to the back of the car) of the shield goes over the bumper cover and the screws go through the bumper into those clips. I bought #8 screws but I probably could have used #10 as mine were very tight. The holes in the bumper are too big for most screws so you need washers large enough to cover the hole. You may want to measure the hole before you go buy unless you have a good supply on hand. Once you put this in, you can't see a cross section without taking the thing out and I'm not going to do that. The only question I have is that there is a hole in the top front of the new shield that does not meet up with anything. I'm not sure if I have to drill a hole into the pan under the spare tire and bolt that through or what. And there is still a foot long gap in the new shield that I would like covered. Maybe I'm too picky. If anyone with the factory trailer hitch before they left this part off could look at theirs and see if this gap is there I would love to know. Good Luck - it's easy.
  6. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Just got notified from the dealer that they are ordering me the hood insulation as the vin showed it being an installed part. No charge. I’m getting there!
  7. Kclonn

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Our Fords: 1977 F-150. 4 years 1990 Bronco 4 years 1995 Ranger. 17 years 1998 Expedition. 7 years 2002 F-250 1 year 2002 Focus. 1year 2005 Escape. 14 years 2016 F-150. 6 years 2022 Edge 1 month so far Gonna just stay with the Edge for now. Sweet car.
  8. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Ok. The part arrived. Super easy install. Took me about 20 minutes including rounding up some parts. This did not come with screws so I ran to the auto parts store and got some #8 screws with washers. Be aware that the washers need to be bigger than the ones that came on the screws I bought, so be prepared for that. This is where the ends of the bracket attach. Remove nut on both ends. Now you just slide the front of the shield over the muffler and lift the floppy bumper enough to slide it in place on top of the bumper so the holes align. The tabs on the end of the shield go on the studs where you removed the nuts so screw those back on as seen below. Now just screw in the 4 screws you got and that is it. Simple. I am going to go back and look at the drawings because there is still a gap in the center that I don’t like. If I can’t find a part, I will make something. I don’t want sand and dirt collecting in there. The gap looks larger than it is because of the wide angle on the phone. It’s still too big for my taste. At least the bumper is no longer loose.
  9. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Yes, the why of this would be good to know. However, as it is, that rear flap is a big scoop for road spray and dirt that will now go in all the wrong places. They call it a deflector for a reason. I will give it a shot as soon as I can get one. Not sure how quick that will be, but I will let you all know how it goes.
  10. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    I live in Hawaii and they won’t ship here. I found one that would but shipping was $600. I think I’ll get it from the dealer here.
  11. Kclonn

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Awesome Haz. I will be looking for one of these. I really appreciate your help.
  12. I just bought a new 2022 Edge Titanium and it came with the trailer hitch option. I noticed that the bottom (gray) part of the rear bumper was not attached to anything and flapped at hiway speeds. I called the dealer and was told that this is the way it works when this option is installed. WHAT? I can’t believe Ford would design it this way. Has anyone else had any experience with this? Right now I have it secured with cable ties. Ugh.
  13. Kclonn

    New guy in Hawaii

    Hi. I just bought a new 2022 Edge Titanium. Downsized from my F-150. I live in Kona on the big island of Hawaii. Originally from Oregon. So far loving the new ride.