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  1. This needs to be passed on the Ford Dealer Service departments- several heated conversations could have be avoided and maybe I wouldn't have been a black-listed consumer. "HEY FORD" you need to be better! "I'm sorry I do not understand your comment
  2. 2021 Edge ST Grill camera stopped working around 5/19/2022 around the time that the vehicle received an 'over-the-air update' on rear camera blank screen problem (Safety Recall Notice 22S14/NHTSA Recall 22V151 -April 2022) Problem: front grill camera no longer after vehicle goes over 6 MPH but does work right after starting engine. I am of the opinion that the 22s14 new software patch has a bug in it. My Ford dealer looked at it and didn't have a clue as to what to do. It was apparent that I knew much more about the problem then the dealership. I advised him to read this forum. Now I am in a position that this is the only place to vent my problem mainly because the letter at accompanied the recall gave no instructions on how or were or what to do when you reach this point. I did find a special service note SSM50884 which makes me believe Ford knows about the problem, sort of, maybe - wait and see.
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