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  1. So my brake booster had went bad on my 2014 Ford Edge after getting everything back together and bleeding the brakes manually, I don't have a pressure bleeder, also I purchased a code reader about a year ago when I replaced the ABS but it keeps telling me that my vehicle does not support the ABS bleed function, well now the pressure is not releasing from my rear wheels. I can drive it and feel the rear brakes dragging as I continue to drive and eventually it will throw a C0044-28-AB code and light up my Advance trac system lights. I can make everything go away by opening either rear bleeder valve and when I do it's like someone has their foot on the pedal it will almost squirt up to the fender well. I can monitor my ABS system with this code reader and after pumping the brakes up I'm still holding 29 PSI in the system when I remove my foot from the pedal. I had to come back and edit this, when I rep[laced the ABS even though I couldn't get the ABS bleed to work I did get a decent pedal after bleeding it wasn't 100% but I could give it a second pump and be good, when I bled the brakes then I did not have the parking brake on...I did however have the parking brake on this time....could that have caused my issue? How do I fix this? One note of mention in order to get the booster out I did have to remove the lines on the side of the ABS to clear the booster....should I unhook the battery for a while then rebleed everything?