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    Tires for Snow?

    Hi all, Just bought a ‘13 Edge Sport with FWD. It has 22” wheels and currently Toyo Proxes ST III’s on it that seem to be in good shape. I’ve never had a tire with such little sidewalls, and I’m wondering if I need to make some changes before winter. Cost is definitely a factor. They are apparently all season, and I’m not planning on off-roading in the snow, but there are a couple of mountain passes that I could need to go over in winter, and sometimes I need to be on the road before the plows come out. (Not super-snowy where I am in Coeur d’Alene, but we get our share.) I’m used to the Cooper Discoverer AT3’s I had on my Escape, with which I never even thought about snow. Getting 18” or 20” wheels AND winter tires would break the bank. Any suggestions? Thanks!