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  1. pintokid

    Hello from NC

    Welcome from Apex NC!
  2. pintokid

    Just bought 2013 Edge Limited AWD

    If you don't have the manuals you can always access them online. Welcome!
  3. pintokid

    New member hello

    Joined in 2016? Still, welcome!
  4. pintokid

    Howdy from Texas!!

  5. pintokid

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    Can you explain these or provide links? I've had trouble with sunroofs on my '93 Probe and my daughter's '99 Cougar but several other cars nothing to note. I've never seen anything on this forum that indicated we need special attention to the BAMR. But I am listening. And what is the "MacT website"?
  6. My wife reported a similar problem on her 2017. Of course the problem did not persist so I never saw it. I took the advice from @omar302 and I rebooted the system and we haven't seen it recur. Should we be worried about this though? There is no software update for our car.
  7. pintokid

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    Funny you mentioned the START/STOP feature. My wife's 2017 Edge was at the dealer and they gave us a 2019 while they worked on it. Right away she asked if I could get that "feetchur" turned off. I did.
  8. pintokid

    Windshield Glare On 2008 Edge

    I'll second the polarized sunglasses suggestion from @Gadgetq. My other car has a heads-up display and I need to crank the brightness but it still works with the glasses on. And reflections off the dash are gone.
  9. pintokid

    Moving On

    A friend of mine was shopping for a new car and they selected the Outback rather than an Edge mostly on cost. And they are a Ford family.
  10. I hope our Edge fares as well. Was there more you wanted to add after black sludge?
  11. pintokid

    Dealer Incorrectly Replaces PTU

    Just clicked past 16,000. That would be by far the least miles I've ever seen a wheel bearing fail. I've had a few, but near 100K, and never on a Ford.
  12. pintokid

    Dealer Incorrectly Replaces PTU

    Yep. It was the right front wheel bearing.
  13. pintokid

    Dealer Incorrectly Replaces PTU

    They are now ordering the right wheel bearing. At least they didn't need to keep the car.
  14. My wife's 2017 recently started making strange noises in the front end. When you steered into a parking space and turned the wheel you could hear the rack making strange crunching noises. And above 50mph you could hear a hum that got louder and higher in frequency as you drove faster. To me it sounds like a wheel bearing. We brought it in to the local dealer and they diagnosed that as two separate problems. They replaced the steering rack and that problem is resolved. But for the hum they told us it was the PTU and they replaced that as well. But that didn't resolve the hum at all. In fact it is so obvious I suspect they didn't take it on the highway after replacing the PTU (the dealership is about 1/4 mile from a 65mph highway). It is funny that whichever seat you are in the front it seems to come from that side. It still sounds like a wheel bearing. Anyone here have a similar issue and it was not the PTU? Could it be the transmission?
  15. Actually going back to the original post a lot has changed in the Edge. It now has many of those missing features and more. And Sync is greatly improved.