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  1. Jdw

    Mystery hose not connected?.

    Upon further investigation i found a part # on this tube, K2GP-7034-FD which is the vent tube for AWD vent breather hose, mystery solved!! Thanks
  2. IMG_0347.heicHi I was hooking up my battery charger and looking around with a flashlight and found this random 3/8” rubber hose in the area at the bottom of the left side of battery and directly under the brake fluid reservoir………I could not see anything that would look like this hose would attach to in this area……hose appears to go under the engine to the left Anything I should be concerned about? Does it actually connect to something? See pic 2021 Edge Sel Anybody else have this hose not connected maybe just a vent for something?? Thanks for your assistance
  3. Thanks! I guess I am behind for sure my sync software is at 4.0.21027_product rev 36, I think I am at OTA 2.3.1 or 2, obviously not getting updates, this is the same software that was installed by my dealer service dept in Aug 2022. Here is what my Ford App shows under software update section.
  4. Jdw

    Ford Power Up History

    Hi this is super info……any chance you could this update history up to current date.? I have not received any updates since Aug 2022! I think I am at 2.3.2……….This will be great info to show my dealer service rep Thanks
  5. Could you please posted what power up versions you are currently at? I am still waiting to get my first update, my 2021 hasn’t had an update since Aug 2022! Could you include your vehicle info ie yr and trim Thanks
  6. Thanks for the responses! Looks like at least you are getting some power up updates, I know this is not a major issue but with the price of these vehicles all systems should be functioning. I guess I will try to contact Ford relations again and see I can get them to move me up the ladder and get my issues resolved, maybe!!!
  7. Hi Just the latest update on my sync issue, unfortunately still not resolved!, Edge returned from dealer service today for my auto update problem. They were unable to do much if as in nothing ! they are quoting SSM 51314 and that Ford engineers are working on a fix? With no date as to when. Told me just to wait till there is an auto sync update…… which I can’t turn on to get! See service report below. This vehicle has been to service more in 3 months that my old Dodge Journey was in 12 yrs !! Keep you posted
  8. Hi Everyone. Posting this update on my issue. Had edge for service last week for the sync auto issue. They were able to duplicate my issue and initially could not get it to work. They reflagged the acm module and was able to get the auto update button to activate and stay on!!!! Success!!!! so I thought 1day later the same condition returned. Stopped back service, had no idea what is going on and will be contacting Ford Support for further direction and advise me. Needless to say I am somewhat frustrated with this issue and lack of resolution . Will update if and when the solution is found
  9. Thanks Haz! That’s a wealth of info.
  10. Thanks Haz….. thats great info to share with service dept, I am located in a small town and hopefully they the technical service people to work on these systems. it is now clear to me that it is not working correctly, I purchased vehicle used in Jan 2023, initially had problem connecting to Ford Pass hence the Feb 01/23 reflash service record as listed above, which allowed me accessing Ford Pass, Obviously the unit is not communicating with Ford servers as I have no activity/no updates in the pass 60days, roughly the time I own the vehicle off to the service department! Wish me luck again!
  11. Thanks, I did go to my Ford account, and it states that I have auto update with my sync so there nothing to do, also shows that software is up to date……but my in vehicle screen states that my auto updates are off……confusing for me maybe overthinking the process. cant seem to find what is the correct current software version for my system.
  12. Hi Need some assistance! Purchased 2021 Edge 2 months, initially had problems with Ford Pass activation but Dealer was able to reload and get it working………but noticed recently that I am unable to turn on “Auto Updates” for system updates……actually I can turn button on it turns blue, but if I leave that screen and come back to auto updates the button is off? I have tried several times same results, so I think thinking not getting any ota updates, I am connected to home wifi. Here is pic of my software version Has other members experienced similar issue? Could you please post pic of your Edge Sync software version for comparison, would be appreciated Thinking another trip to the dealership! Thanks
  13. Here is my latest mod pedal covers, I think they add a nice touch to the pedal area. Purchased from Amazon
  14. Great idea! Just added a set of McGard lock nuts , and wrench would be handy, what does that extend to? With the edge lug nuts torqued to 162f-lbs are you able to loosen no problems, I am like you, like to have some basics stored in vehicle Thanks
  15. Thanks for your experience and opinion…..basically it’s just 2 of us using vehicle, so potentially not much abuse on those painted sills.