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  1. Thanks Haz! That’s a wealth of info.
  2. Thanks Haz….. thats great info to share with service dept, I am located in a small town and hopefully they the technical service people to work on these systems. it is now clear to me that it is not working correctly, I purchased vehicle used in Jan 2023, initially had problem connecting to Ford Pass hence the Feb 01/23 reflash service record as listed above, which allowed me accessing Ford Pass, Obviously the unit is not communicating with Ford servers as I have no activity/no updates in the pass 60days, roughly the time I own the vehicle off to the service department! Wish me luck again!
  3. Thanks, I did go to my Ford account, and it states that I have auto update with my sync so there nothing to do, also shows that software is up to date……but my in vehicle screen states that my auto updates are off……confusing for me maybe overthinking the process. cant seem to find what is the correct current software version for my system.
  4. Hi Need some assistance! Purchased 2021 Edge 2 months, initially had problems with Ford Pass activation but Dealer was able to reload and get it working………but noticed recently that I am unable to turn on “Auto Updates” for system updates……actually I can turn button on it turns blue, but if I leave that screen and come back to auto updates the button is off? I have tried several times same results, so I think thinking not getting any ota updates, I am connected to home wifi. Here is pic of my software version Has other members experienced similar issue? Could you please post pic of your Edge Sync software version for comparison, would be appreciated Thinking another trip to the dealership! Thanks
  5. Here is my latest mod pedal covers, I think they add a nice touch to the pedal area. Purchased from Amazon
  6. Great idea! Just added a set of McGard lock nuts , and wrench would be handy, what does that extend to? With the edge lug nuts torqued to 162f-lbs are you able to loosen no problems, I am like you, like to have some basics stored in vehicle Thanks
  7. Thanks for your experience and opinion…..basically it’s just 2 of us using vehicle, so potentially not much abuse on those painted sills.
  8. Thanks, I was leaning towards the clear plastic tape idea as well, I seen similar tape on Amazon thinking it would be best against my white paint. Could you let me know what you ended up with and where purchased….. I also found that scotch guard 3m makes a tape for specific paint protection used on vehicle hoods and exposed areas…….
  9. Hi everyone! Returning Ford owner with my new-used 2021 Ford Edge SEL. AWD, I am hoping the forums members can point in the right direction. Looking for ideas for door sill protection for the painted sills, I have looked online and everything appears to carbon fibre looks, which on white paint may not look the best.(just my opinion) i am looking for something to prevent paint damage from shoes etc….. what have you used or recommend?Thanks
  10. Jdw

    Hi from Ontario 🇨🇦

    I hoping that it’s just a software issue and not some random electrical wiring issue…….. couldn’t agree more with the activex leather look material, my brother in law was convinced it was actual leather!!!……. Time will determine its wear performance …… coming from Chrysler products I’m really impressed with my Ford choice so far Updated status: at service Feb 01/22, for 6hrs, service rep stated that had to dump and reload sync system, I am now able to connect vehicle thru Ford app!! Hopefully everything is resolved. Could member confirm their sync 4 software info as per pic so I know I am up to date Thanks
  11. Jdw

    Hi from Ontario 🇨🇦

    Update on my Ford pass issue, I tried to activate vehicle got same error message, so this time I called ford support, had a great gal who was knowledgeable and was able to provide me some great info regarding my vehicle, she stated that my vehicle hadn’t communicated with Ford in the last few days and she could see lots of communication errors at her end, she told me apparently my dealership tried back in June 2022 to flash the TsB info to this vehicle via usb but they couldn’t get to the flash to work. Decision then was to replace complete screen and modem thru warranty(previous owners)……but this rep states that the service records indicated that after replacement there was still problems (she didn’t specify)…….we both guessed that service department got new screen working correctly at some point and the previous owners traded in the vehicle…… I am questioning as to why they traded in so soon? Maybe ongoing screen issues?. As stated I purchased this edge used from same dealership, ford pass rep told me to take it in for service, maybe some loose wiring etc……back to dealership Monday….keep you posted followup note: My Edge goes for service for this issue on Feb 01, will post update on fix
  12. Jdw

    Hi from Ontario 🇨🇦

    Hi. Thanks for the info on the Ford Pass issue, my Edge is Star White metallic tri-coat, with the ebony activex leather look material which appears as good as a leather material, but time will tell also has pano roof, co-pilot 360 assist +, I tend to keep my vehicle for a long period as we average about 10-12000 km per year. As for the pass issue I was on chat with support , but lost contact twice!! over 1 hr. No problem is that I can’t do master reset as that button is greyed out, actually I tried to a ford pass connect reset and that button does not do anything !! So maybe best to contact via phone ,
  13. Just purchased my first new used Ford product since 1998! Got a 2021 Edge sel with only 14000 Kms. Loving it so far, but I have been unable connect vehicle thru the Ford Pass app, it keeps giving me error messages, hopefully find some guidance of the forum