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  1. DRL's are only standard on Canadian models, but that's because it's the law up there. If the Edge is anything like the Fusion and 500, all you need to do is take it into your dealer. There's usually a computer flash change and it'll be activated.
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    I don't believe that is correct. The Fusion/Milan/MKZ was the first to use the newer 6spd tranny shared with GM. I think you're thinking of the Five Hundred/Montego. Those have the Aisin. The updated Taurus/Sable/Taurus X will get the 6F along with the 3.5.
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    The Ford 500 Limited and Mercury Montego Premier both have the Homelink. So if you go visor shopping, add those two to the list...
  4. 92merc

    No Edge for me

    Well, I've decided not to order an Edge. Biggest reason isn't because of the Edge itself. I only drive about 5k miles a year or so. I live 4 blocks from work and walk in the winter, ride motorcycle in the summer just about everywhere. So shelling out $30k+ on a car just didn't make financial sense for me. I like the looks of the Edge and all, but not enough to spend a lot more on it than a used car. But on the good side, it's a Ford, well sort of. My dealer found me a used 2007 Mercury Montego Premier with only 16k miles on it. And a good $13k cheaper than a new Edge. So I pretty sure I'll be quite happy with this car. One thing I can say is Ford should have put the HID lights from the Montego on the Edge. Those suckers are Holy Crap bright. Just the way I like it.
  5. 92merc

    Nifty's Catch-All Mats

    Haven't seen a picture of the mats yet for the Edge. But if they are like the ones for the 500/Montego, they are just rubber mats. The Catch All's are a thin carpeted look. Just a classier look.
  6. I was going to put an Edge on order end of this month. Financial plans have changed, but I digress. My dealer said if one is ordered to my spec at end of January, it should arrive Early March. I would say with some of the delays and backlog they are dealing with at the plant, 2 months is probably right. They had some manufacturing issues that were worked out, but they have to repair some of the ones that were already done and in storage. So to be safe, I'd say 2 months for orders for the next month or so. By summer, probably less.
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    Edge/MKX Key

    The fob is that hunk of plastic attached to the keychain. Has the lock/unlock/alarm buttons on it. Ford has been moving away from that. Since they have a fairly large key end with the PATS security chip in it, they've been putting the lock/alarm buttons integrated right into the key itself. I like the idea, but I live in the frigid north and put remote starters in my cars. I don't think they've put car starters into the keys yet.
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    price of edge?

    First off npgirl, are you talking US dollars or Canadian? Just want to make sure we're clear there. But if you take the "Build and Price", you should be able to knock off about $2k for XPlan. And that would be in US dollars. If you head to the BlueOvalNews Forums and into the Employee section, they have a place you can ask for an XPlan Pin. Considering there are no current incentives, it would be a good deal. And if the dealers say they "can't" do XPlan, they're full of crap. All dealers can. It's a matter of them doing a little more paper work.
  9. Personally, I don't think the rim size will matter that much. Not on a 4400lb car. I'd be surprised if you could actually even mathmatically measure any difference between 17's and 18's.
  10. Technically, "all" dealers should be able to install the DVD option. But dealer experience seems to vary. So if you trust your dealer to fix your car, they should be able to install the DVD.
  11. Regarding the DVD in the headrest, this is a dealer installed option. Not factory installed. So you have to ask the dealer about it at order time. 18" wheels won't affect gas mileage. Overall height is about the same as the 17" rims. The tire has a shorter sidewall to compensate. If you'd noticed anything, it would be a slightly harsher ride because of the sidewalls. But I asked a couple of guys here that test drove the Edge with 18's, and they didn't think it was harsh. I thought the white chocolate was the Lincoln. Creme Brulee is the closest on the Edge.
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    Test drove Edge, posted review

    That would be why Ford is offering the dealer installed option of DVD in the headrests...
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    Edge Exterior

    I think what you've said is true. First off, many the car critics are hacks just coming out of college, or so old they are lucky to remember the meds. So these guys are trying to take this new style of vehicle and pigeon hole it into one slot. And they are doing a crummy job of it. Edge is an SUV in it's characteristics because it first off can be AWD and it's a pretty hefty vehicle weight wise. But it's not a traditional SUV because it's not on a BOF frame work and is car based. It's not a "mid-sized" SUV either because it's quite a bit shorter than those and only has three rows. HEY CRITICS! That's by design you freaking morons. Ok, I digress. It has wagon like characteristics because of it's lift gate arrangement and it sort of looks like a car. But it's not. It's a car because of it's frame and length, but it has higher ground clearance and the seating position is higher. When you think of it, it also has some characteristics of the original mini-van before those became larger and longer. Those originally just had two rows of seats too. This car is a CUV. It doesn't just blend car and SUV features. It takes from many automotive divisions and blends them. Some more than others. But it's not any one of the above. Until the critics get that, they will always be off the mark on their reviews.
  14. 92merc

    Crash Tests

    Anyone have any idea when we'll see some federal or IIHS crash tests on the Edge?
  15. "Brake feel and stopping power is also excellent." Interesting this guy didn't feel like there was a problem...