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  1. I'm having issues with my brakes. At first they were hissing and the abs felt like it was occasionally stuttering when I would press the pedal. The symptoms pointed to a brake booster, so I replaced that with a new one and bled the brakes. The new problem is that the pedal goes almost all the way to the floor before the brakes really engage. I did a bench bleed of the master cylinder, and still no luck. It now seems like the abs is not engaging at all either. I think this is more than just air in the lines as I've bled the brakes plenty before. I should add that ever since I got the car a few months ago, the "service advancetrac" light has come on and off pretty frequently. I've read that that can point to an abs module problem, but I'm not 100% Any ideas would be appreciated, as I can't seem to find much online with my specific problems. Not sure if it's some kind of sensor issue or if I need a new master cylinder, or abs module, or potentially both.
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