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    Ford Edge Video Clips

    Works fine for me viewing in RealPlayer
  2. Word in the plant from leadership is that we are currently building all pre-order customer vehicles. We are currently running 2 10hr production shifts in trim/chassis with a 2:1 build ratio.
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    Launch Date

    Or...you can always go buy a 2007 Dodge Nitro LOL
  4. Last report..(yes i'm trying to find the official report for you all)...stated Job 1 (shipped and sale) is now scheduled for Nov 16 2006. I know some of you will disagree with this but I'm just stating what information I found and yes I'm trying to find the source.
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    Oh no, not more CEP stuff....
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    Launch Date

    Acutally yes the picketing has been put off today. I went in for 5:30am this morning and there ended being no delays for entry....go figure! lol However the stop is day to day as long as negotiations are ongoing. We'll see what happens tomorrow. And yes we ran a full day's production today...on dayshift anyway.
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    Launch Date

    Well here's an update.... All 3 gates were delayed. Waited approx 2hrs to cross line and get on site (walked in at 8:30am). Production was halted from 7am until 10:45am roughly. By 3:30pm we did manage to run off 30-40 units according to teletype numbers. All V-units of course. We'll see what happens the rest of the week. Dan