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  1. silentjay1980

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    So I got the Edge back and I gotta say, I am completely delighted with the work. Mike over at detailwny.com did a fantastic, meticulous job. I highly recommend his work to anyone in our western new york area.
  2. silentjay1980

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    decided to have the edge done by a pro. its got about 1k on it now. so i went with a new vehicle prep with a focus on winter. quoted about 325 for the job which i thought was reasonable. when i get it back ill report back for my fellow upstate ny'ers if there are any
  3. silentjay1980

    Private Cash - Go get it...

    My private cash showed up a week after I bought my edge. I had called into cus svc and they said its up to the dealership to honor it after the fact. Also they said I missed it in the system by one lousy day. After all the trouble Ive had in the first two weeks of ownership, I hope they do me the favor and get this for me. I also had vin etching on the final sales slip, even though they made it sound like it was included at no extra cost. I think the benefits outweigh the original cost and at 225 it really does nothing to really affect my payment anyway
  4. silentjay1980

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    Any advice on cleaning the headline and sunvisor material?
  5. silentjay1980

    350 miles and dead

    Just got a call from the service department. He said that they repalced the throttle body and it was still acting up. He also said they reset the computer. He wants to have the tech drive it some more to see if it acts up again. I wonder if this is heading down the same road as this thread: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/10683-engine-cut-out-on-me/page__p__84065__hl__+throttle%20+body&do=findComment&comment=84065
  6. silentjay1980

    350 miles and dead

    Well, ive calmed down a bit and all your replies were encouraging. I will be sure to contact ford and request this to be all documented etc. This is my second new ford personally and both have had troubles very early on
  7. silentjay1980

    looking at purchasing a 2013 SEL

    I made the purchase using xplan. A week ago this past monday. I absolutley love the vehicle. Except its already in service to replace the throttle body because it died at 55mph this morning
  8. silentjay1980

    350 miles and dead

    So I was driving to work this morning and the engine cut out on me. Pulled over and called roadside. We got to the dealership, ( a place im spending way too much time at between this new vehicel and my fiesta) and they pulled in in. 2 hours later and they still had no idea. I took the courtesy rental and left. They just called and said they need to replace the throttle body! Thats a massive job at only 350 miles isnt it? I dont know what to do, my gut says jump up and down and demand a new vehicle, my brain says thats not going to happen. I havent had this edge for a full week and the keys went bad and now this.
  9. silentjay1980

    MyFord Touch V3.2

    i factory reset then installed the update. i do this everytime a new osx comes out as well. call me crazy, it just seems to go smoother this way
  10. silentjay1980

    a/v input

    I'm having an issue with my A/V input. It seems when I switch to it I see what's supposed time be there for a second then I get a please disconnect all usb devices for a/v to work properly. Thing is there aren't any sub plugged in. I've hooked my roku box up and there is always a video feed .
  11. silentjay1980

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    wow, what a great thread. Ive read so much since i picked up my edge! Id like to ask for something if i may. Ive had the edge for only a few days, tuxedo black!, and im so paranoid about the paint, windshield, grill etc. The bugs are already piling up! Im a complete newbie in this area, so i was wondering if i could get a quick list. Something reliable i can quick wipe with, a wheel protector (i didnt want the chrome finished 20s but i settled for them), and when i finally get a chance to spend a whole day the products i need to clean and protect the whole thing front to back. As i said im a total newbie and have no clue how to properly use this stuff. Normally i would just wash it everytime i went near a delta sonic. thanks in advance! JAY
  12. silentjay1980

    Warranty Question

    thanks for the info!!!
  13. Ive decided the first thing id like to do with my new edge is install this: http://customradiobuffalo.com/smart-start/ or something like it. Does anyone know what parts of the warranty ford will void if any?
  14. silentjay1980

    looking at purchasing a 2013 SEL

    So ive shopped around including an old reliable sales guy from the past and as I guessed, 300 under invoice is the best offer ive found. I suppose i should ask for the the write up to see the total out the door price. I had a horrible experience today at a dealer and this process is just taxing my patience (not to mention my brain)
  15. After my first attempt to purchase an edge went very sour a few years ago during cash for clunkers, Ive decided that i just love these too much to stay away any longer. Attached is the window sticker of the Edge im looking at. I absolutely despise the purchase process. Basically, Im eligible for x-plan pricing off the bat. However I have no clue as to what they can and cannot charge me over this price. Im looking at it as even if i negotiated a better price, then it opens me up to get screwed in the back-end (no pun intended). I was offered what my research shows to be a fair trade in, Im just really uncomfortable in this process. I purchased my fiesta last year with the help or TRUECAR.COM which no longer functions as it used to. Ive tried using carwoo.com but that never works. Any opinions or knowledge would be a great help to me. Thanks Jay WindowSticker.pdf