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    2007 Edge some times sounds like marbles

    just an update since i posted that.... it was the cam phasers. brought it to the dealer and they kept the car for two weeks!!! charged me almost $2,000 to fix. the "marble" sound is no longer there, but, had to return the car because they forgot to recharge the a/c, they sprayed oil all over the engine, their "top mechanic" didn't put the bolt back in the right way where the steering column clamps to the steering gear box.....waited another 3 hours for them to fix all that. now the front wheel bearing is lookse....argh!! 65,000 miles on a 2007...will i buy another? sorry to say, nope. Ford would not work with us since we were just a few thousand miles over the 60k mark...they kinda said, in nice words..."too bad, you're on your own". yep, too bad...for ford....not that my single non-sale is going to hurt them, just really disappointed in Ford and the service department at my dealer.
  2. mark abby

    changing navigation help!!

    you can email me at persuasions@hotmail.com if you are interested in selling it. if the price is right, i'll get back to you. thanks
  3. mark abby

    changing navigation help!!

    you interested in selling the nav unit from the 07? let me know if you are,. any car stereo shop can do the install for you if you think it might be too complicated. i found an Edge service repair cd on ebay for $24 and it tells you how to do repair or take apart any part of the car. you might be able to find one for the MKX.
  4. mark abby

    Brakes Grinding??

    i agree about using inferior parts. my wife just went thru the same issue with her 2007 edge. i'm going to replace them myself this fall with higher quality parts.
  5. wife has a 2007 edge with 45,000 miles on it. some times, when starting it, it makes a loud sound like marbles are banging around the engine, then stop abruptly. i have mentioned this to the dealer, but they tell me when they start the car, it doesn't do it. the noise is not only bothersome but embarrassing. it is so loud some times you think the engine is going to fall apart. can any one tell me what this could be???? i need to avoid a major expense if i can get it fixed now. the dealer changes the oil. could the oil they use be too thin? should i try a heavier oil? maybe synthetic? help!!!
  6. i'm planning on adding a 4 gang LED light set (12 volt, of course) that would be mounted right under the compartment ahead of the shifter. the lights would shine down into that area. i tried them out, using the lighter as a source of power and they seem to illuminate exactly like i want. we need to see down there when it's dark out and not fumble around for things. i had originally planned on wiring them up to the lighter, but i found out the lighter plug is always HOT. i want them to only come on when the ignition is on. so, my questions are these: is it hard to remove the side panels on the console? hopefully this would give me perfect access back there. what wire would be available to tie into? these LED lights have a very low amp draw so i'm not concerned about draining excessive power. i just need a lead that gets HOT when the ignition is turned to ON.
  7. mark abby

    2011 Lincoln MKX spied without disguise

    aren't those that magnetic material covering the body and not paint? seems they wanted to hide certain details around the head lights and a few other places.
  8. mark abby

    Improve gas mileage

    i get 19.6 as an average. our previous GM car would also show real time MPG's, along with average, which i kinda liked. in another post i mentioned that Mobile gas didn't use ethanol, and i stand corrected. it now uses 10% ethanol. the only other gasoline not using ethanol is Cheveron/Texaco, but there are none of those stations around here any more.
  9. mark abby

    The truth about Edge A/C

    just asking: do you guys normally run your systems on "AUTO" or do you switch the venting via the manual button?
  10. good points, but they only turn on when the car is put in gear...just an FYI.
  11. dealer turned them on for me...free no less. can't beat that. they turn on when the car is put in gear. as for being "fantastic", i like the feature for safety and, i get a discount on my insurance. whether one can consider that as being "fantastic"...it's a personal choice.
  12. when this is over with, i intend to email Ford and let them know how i feel about this issue. my 1998 chevy cargo van has DRL's and i like them. it's beyond me why Ford chooses to make them so mysterious.
  13. ok...went to the dealer and dropped the Edge off for some things to be done, including the DRL's. i should mention that it does have auto lights. just got off the phone and the guy tells me that they might work sometimes and they might not! they claimed they entered the codes according to the manuals etc etc. what's up with that? either they are coded in or not. i'll find out when i pick it up later tonight what's going on with that. he then wanted to charge me $70...i said yea, right....i'm not paying $70 for a safety feature that is (supposedly) already available on my car. after discussing it, they agreed not to charge me. i love the Edge, but dealers don't do Ford much justice.
  14. talked to the service manager. he said he wasn't aware that the day time running lights could be turned on, but i told to him that the Edge service manual explains how to do this. he said that if the service manual tells his tech how it's done, then he'll have them do it for me. obviously, it should be a first for that dealership to do this. thanks for the heads up on this one, people!
  15. i mentioned that to the sales manager where i bought our Edge. he told me that no Fords have DRL's.....lol...and that there is no way to have them. i'm going to go back and talk to the service manager. i even read about them in the service manual. what's the deal with DRL's and Ford? if they're available, why not just do it? obviously, even sales managers aren't aware they have them.