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  1. Mine was activated by my dealer. I'm guessing this is done by the detail shop within a day of delivery. My 6 month trial quit about 6 days late. I called Sirius to re-up, and asked if they had any deals. The rep asked if I had a code. (nope) I asked again if he could give me a deal. (nope) One week later, I got a 50% off coupon in the mail I phoned immediately to protest. The friendly CSR said "No problem, sir. The 50% will be refunded to your CC within the week." And it was. :happy feet:
  2. Has anyone added a nav system after delivery? Problems? Cost?
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    Hey Jack Welcome. We went for the cinnamon too. It looks stunning on a sunny day. Bought my car wash tickets in bulk though!
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    2008 vs 2010 Edge

    The Cinnamon ain't too bad I suppose. I have a 2010 SEL AWD in cinnamon. Have had lots of compliments on the colour.
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    I got my 2010 Edge on Sept. 17. The dealer had the Sirius activated when I picked it up. When you scroll thru the media with the steering wheel control, does it not show "SAT 1 "?