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  1. Can the Ford Dealer determine if a 2013 Edge has ever had an airbag deployment by looking at the car's computer? I'm asking because I'm looking at a used 2013 Edge Limited that I'm about 99% convinced the front end sustained some prior damage even though it's not listed on the Car Fax report. Here are my clues: 1) Price is too low for mileage, condition, and options. About $2500 below what I would expect it to list for. 2) Limited with painted front grill which what not an option (painted grill is 1/2 the price of a chrome grill so I suspect someone had t replace it and opted for the least expensive fix) 3) Lines between the hood and front fender narrows on both sides as it sweeps down towards the front bumper. I plan to further inspect the car for other issues but would be really concerned if the airbags had been deployed. That would indicate some pretty serious damage. Not to mention the chance of substandard air bag replacements. I'm hoping it nothing more than the previous owner had minor damage and maybe had it repaired without going thru insurance therefore it never appeared on the Car Fax.
  2. I have a Job #1 2011 Edge and while I love the vehicle I am far from fully satisfied with the MFT. Especially coming off the 2008 Edge which had Navigation. The 2008 Nav touch screen response was very snappy if not instant for most functions. Plus that system did many similar functions as the new MFT. I don't know if the root cause of the MFT slow response time is the result of poor code writing or slow processor speed (or both) but compared to what I was used to in the 2008 model the 2011 MFT is very frustrating at times. The touch sensitivity has a distinct lack of confidence when touching the controls. Sometimes I touch and nothing happens and other times it responds only after a 2-3 delay. That's no way to control a system. Also, sometimes I put it in Reverse right after I start and am ready to backup of the rear-view camera isn't ready to display. I have a wait a few more seconds for it to catch up or even have to move it to Park and back to get it to respond. Call me impatient but I don't want to wait to back up. BTW, I have ver 2.4. As a side note, I also have a 2011 Explorer due to be delivered this week. It was loaded with MFT ver 2.7. I'm guessing based on the owner comments on the Ford Facebook page that I will have a similar experience as in the 2011 Edge. I really hope Ford can make some significant improvements on MFT performance.
  3. So I have an Oct Job #1 build. Will they swap my mirrors out? The wind noise is pretty bad. I did not have this issue on my 2008 Edge.
  4. I had the chrome clad on my 2008 Edge and again now on my 2011 Edge. I can tell you that you should not allow brake dust to sit on them too long. I went a couple months without washing it and the brake dust ate away at the chrome coating. I will not let the 2011 go unwashed for that long this time. I don't mind the chrome clad but also think a polished aluminum option would have been nice too. Polished aluminum doesn't have the same bling factor but still looks nicer than painted aluminum. By the way, I opted for the 20" painted aluminum rims on my 2011 Explorer because I like the design over the 20" Polished aluminum rims. Plus they come standard on the Limited anyway. Also, think of chrome clad rim like a women with breast impants, they look great and you think they are real until you touch them. :-)
  5. Come on really, no one sure have to be pulling fuses. That is simply ridiculous. Why are we putting up with this anyway?
  6. Can someone please provide the Residual and Money Factor for the following? 2 year 12k miles and 15k miles 3 year 12k miles and 15k miles These are published rates by Ford but can only be obtained at the dealer. Thanks.
  7. I am turning in my '08 Edge today. I don't need my copy of the 8P Nav disc any longer. PM if you want it for $15 shipped.
  8. It should have POI's, you just can't access the extended list of POI's when the car is in motion. When you put a new Nav Disc in it will take a couple minutes to install then it's ready to go. I don't know if there is actually a 9P out yet?
  9. Jordan, the map hasn't changed. At least not on your model with the 8P. I use 8P on the 2008 Edge and it looks the same as when I had the 4P map. It's just more up to date with data. I have seen some screen shots of the map on the 2011 Edge and that looks very different. I'm actually turning in my '08 on Friday for an '11.
  10. Did I mention I have kids?
  11. In my 2008 the window lock feature that the Driver has access to will disable the rear window controls as well as the passenger side window control. This is actually a nusance as whomever is sitting in the front seat tries to roll down the window and can't without asking the driver. I get it that the feature is basically there to keep kids from rolling down the back windows but anyone old enough to ride in the front should have total control of that window. Even if I put a 12 year old in the front and they rolled down the window I'd just say roll it back up. Chances are a 12+ year old will listen as opposed to a 3 year old sitting in the back. If not then they are still withing slappying distance and I wouldn't even have to take my eyes off the road to do it. :-) Has this feature changed on the 2010? I'm in for the 2011 and hoping they will have changed it. Plus I think the passenger should have 1 touch auto up/down as well.
  12. jamers1


    Well that is the AWD model. It's going to get less MPG due to the added weight. The 3.5L FWD is 19 mpg / 27 mpg / 21 mpg combined
  13. So are these Fog Lights actually LED? That is different than that HID headlamps right?
  14. I mean tin 2008 Ford didn't offer DVD Entertainment in the headrest from the factory. Sure there was aftermarket products but I never looked into that.
  15. I didn't get the Vista Roof on my '08 because I opted for the DVD entertainment system. Now with the DVD being installed in the headrests I have options. My only worry is there may be added heat radiating from the ceiling when I have it closed and am trying to cool the vehicle (even with the sun shade closed). I'm guessing it's not insulated as well as a normal roof. What are your experiences with the heat factor?
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