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    Gas/Fuel Tank Leak

    My fuel tank was inspected last month and the dealer confirmed that it was rusty and advised that it should be replaced. He was then informed by Ford that they would not authorize replacement as it was not actually leaking! I contacted them and asked how they justify this idiotic response and to ask for confirmation. Now saying that "Tanks are to be available later this year, a supplement will be published. At that time, the vehicle can be repaired. They confirmed that as it was reported that the tank was not leaking at present, I can continue to use the vehicle until the part will be available to order. Or I guess the tank starts leaking........... I guess I need to attach some no smoking signs on my vehicle!
  2. frozennuts

    Gas/Fuel Tank Leak

    To cut a very long story a little shorter, I purchased a 2008 Edge new in Quebec and in 2011, I moved to Finland and brought the Edge with me. I noticed the recall notice on this forum in January and contacted Ford USA. They informed me that my car was affected and that I should contact Ford Finland to have the recall action. First Ford Finland told me my car was not affected and I had no worries but after I asked for written confirmation to this and in the event of something related to the fuel tank causing injury, they turned around and told me to take it to my local dealer for inspection. The inspection showed that the tank was rusting but not leaking at this time. They informed me that they would request to order and replace the fuel tank from Ford Finland and also ask if I could continue to use the vehicle or be put in a hire car at no cost to me. One week later the dealer contacted me to inform me that Ford Finland are refusing to change the tank as "its not leaking at present". That's like saying you have your brake system that could be faulty but as it stops OK at the moment, we wont do anything. I contacted Ford Finland and asked them to explain their idiotic response and that if I did not get an answer within the week, I would contact Customer care center in USA. One week went and just before contacting USA, i asked once again for an answer from Ford Finland. Now, they responded straight away and replied that they had contacted Ford USA to ask what to do. That was 7 days ago and now response????
  3. frozennuts

    Horrible in the snow! Is this normal?

    I'm running on these http://www.nokiantyres.com/winter-tyres/nokian-hakkapeliitta-7-suv/ during the winter and it completely changed the vehicle handling from the non studded Toyo winter tires I ran before.
  4. frozennuts

    Gas/Fuel Tank Leak

    My Edge which has been in Finland for the past 3 years is booked into local dealer here for inspection today. I'm really hoping that the past 3 years away from the salt of Quebec have helped look after the fuel tank and nothing is needed. Really don't want to have to park it up for who knows how long. Fingers crossed
  5. frozennuts

    Gas/Fuel Tank Leak

    Rather than wait until I smell gas, I took a quick look under and this is what I see.
  6. frozennuts

    Slippery in the snow. Is this par for the course?!

    Its all in the tyres! I have a 2008 AWD Edge and now have it running inside the Arctic Circle of Finland where we have snow about 6 months of the year. When I got here, I was using the winter spec tyres that I got with the vehicle and it was OK but I had to be real careful as it would under steer if I had too much speed in turning. But last winter, I changed to a set of Nokia Hakkapeliitta studded SUV tyres and the car handling changed completely. It became so confident that I could use more speed and power, even into the corner and the under steer was gone and I actually had a feeling of over steer, which is better and actually makes the vehicle fun to drive as you can actually get the back end hanging out and drift!
  7. frozennuts

    Gas/Fuel Tank Leak

    I purchased my 2008 Edge new in Quebec and in 2011, I moved to Finland a took the Edge with me. I noticed this info of the forum last week and contacted Ford CRC in the US to ask if my Edge is one of the effected and was informed that it was and that I should contact Ford in Finland to have the recall action taken care of which, was great. On contacting Ford Finland and giving my VIN number, I was in formed that my vehicle had no recall notices and was therefor not effected. I asked that they recheck and confirm and the replied that I did not need to worry. I recontacted FORD USA to reconfirm but no answer as yet. Should I have the lawyer warmed up and waiting as I have it in writing from a Ford representative that my car is not effected but how could this be, its a 2008 Ford Edge limited AWD which lived its first three year in Quebec with a shed load of salt on the road. i guess I have to trust the word of a representative of Ford Motor Company until the shit hits the fan!
  8. frozennuts

    Gas/Fuel Tank Leak

    Had contact with Ford Finland yesterday and eventhough I gave them a copy of the email from Ford USA, which said that my car was effected, Ford Finland informed me that there was no recalls for my car. Not sure they know what they are talking about. Decided to take a look myself and yes! there is rust
  9. frozennuts

    Snow Tires?

    If you want the best winter tyre for the Edge, you cant get better than these http://www.nokiantyres.com/tyre?id=16898448&group=2.01&name=nokian I just finally traded in my Toyo Observe G-02 Plus for the Nokians and it has totally changed the handling of the Edge for the better, much more fun the drive on ice and snow.
  10. frozennuts

    What Color (Colour) is your Ford Edge or MKX?

    Vapour Grey Limited 2008 with black and red leather interior
  11. frozennuts

    block heater

    It should be possible to feed the cable past the radiator an to the front grille, that what I did but look at what is norm here in Scandinavia http://www.defa.com/da/fp/
  12. frozennuts

    Off-Road Looking the Edge

    How about this?
  13. frozennuts

    2007 Edge AWD SEL 18" Nokian WRG2 Tires

    Its going great (touch wood) and its the only one up here and even though it nearly six years old, it still turns heads as most people have never seen one before. I was looking to change it but a new edge import from the US would cost me the cost of the vehicle plus the import tax, which here in Finland will be 35% to 45% of the value of the vehicle. That's not the actual value but what they think it value in Finland would be and based on that they valued my Edge when I return in 2011 (3 year old Edge then) at 45,000€ ($58,000), I would be paying for the vehicle twice. Alternative is a Ford Escape (called Kuga here) but only auto gas version is the 1.6, alternative is the diesel but neither compare to my Edge so I will just keep it. 1.70€ per litre of gas hurts a little, YES! that $8 per gallon
  14. frozennuts

    2007 Edge AWD SEL 18" Nokian WRG2 Tires

    If you are after the best winter tyre for your Edge, here it is Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV if available in Canada. http://www.nokiantyres.com/tyre?id=16898448&group=2.01&name=Nokian+Hakkapeliitta+7+SUV I had Toyo winter tyres on my edge from new in Quebec for 3 winters and two winters now in Finland. They were OK but just changed to the Nokian's and what a difference. Vehicle went from big understeer in the corners which, would eventually be corrected by the stability control (but not before a brown trouser job!) and now with the Nokian's, its like its on rails with a light oversteer feel which, is much more fun! Down side is that I am using more fuel as I am feeling confident to use power peddle a lot more! By the way, we are on snow and ice up here from October to May and no salt.......
  15. frozennuts

    Oil...anyone using 5W30 rather than 5W20?

    I have been using 5W 30 since 2011, when I brought my Edge back to Finland from Canada as the 5W 20 is not available here. I would never normally recommend going from a 5W to a 10W (if 5W is stated) as it could be hard on the cold start up but I noticed your location is Qatar so I am guessing that you never get a cold start like I have to experience in the winter -30°C or even -40°C. But still add 5W if you can.