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    PTU drain plug

    mine just started to drip on my 2009 Sport... Have an appointment with Ford next week to have it looked at. How long does the repair/service take, a few hours/days.......
  2. tlim66


    On the Ford Edge, how does the TPS system work. ie does it sense the actual pressure of each tire, or does it sense rotational speed differential of the different wheels as some vehicles do. And how long is the expected life span of one of these sensors? I assume they must be battery powered to transmit a signal, therefore can only last for so long before needing a battery replacement, or possibly the whole sensor replaced???
  3. Exactly what comes on with the daytime driving lights. Is it the straight high beams coming on , or is it a dimmed setting on of the high beams of the 9005 bulbs? And does the Edge have any sensors that indicate if any of the lights are blown or not working?
  4. 2009 Edge Sport, the headlight and fog lights are listed as H11, are the bulbs exactly the same.
  5. tlim66

    Who needs AWD?

    I think there is no doubt that a skilled driver in a FWD can do as well if that better than a less skilled driver in an AWD, but I think there is also no doubt that an AWD system is far superior system given the same driver. So the debate is whether you want to save the money/safety because you may think that you may not need the AWD or think it is not worth the money for you. So I guess the person that needs AWD would be the person that has been in a situation where they wished they had AWD and did not.......
  6. Never paid attention before, but at night when the lilghts are on (ie headlights), does the shift selector suppose to light up as well. It is kinda dark when you can't see what gear it is going into. If it suppose to, I guess mine is broken.....
  7. tlim66

    Width of 22 inch wheels

    What is the width and offset of the factory 22 inch Sport Wheels? Thanks
  8. tlim66

    Winter Tires

    Will 18" rims fit on the Edge Sport AWD. The factory is 20" with optional 22". If so, what should the offset be for an 18 x 8.5" rim to fit properly.
  9. So waht is the differnce between the actual Edge Sport, with the 'regular' suspension then?