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    Tire repair

    I agree. I carry a plug kit in all my vehicles. I've never had a problem with a plug.
  2. KenS2K

    1000 off new edge

    Never pay "dealer fees"... and the Overstock.com published 'dealer invoice' is high. The actual dealer invoice is lower. Much closer to the TrueCost price listed.
  3. KenS2K

    New 2010 EDGE Limited

    I won't blame the vehicle for the incompetence of it's builders. But I do find it inexcusable for a vehicle that retails for over 40k.
  4. KenS2K

    New 2010 EDGE Limited

    There's nothing to clip to. The clips and upper retainer bracket are MIA.
  5. KenS2K

    New 2010 EDGE Limited

    No damage. Just missing parts.
  6. KenS2K

    New 2010 EDGE Limited

    We picked it up the same day it came off the truck. It was never even test driven.
  7. KenS2K

    New 2010 EDGE Limited

    Hi all. We just added a new 2010 Edge Limited to our garage. Looks pretty good and drives ok... but the build quality has me less than impressed. 2nd day we had the EDGE I was washing it and noticed the front bumper is VERY loose on the drives side. Upon inspection I can see missing fasteners that were obviously never installed. Took it to the dealership whom looked it over as well. They agreed that the parts were never there... and now it sits parked waiting for the parts the dealership had to order. Bolts, clips, upper retainer bracket, etc... Maybe it will be back together before the holiday. "Quality is job 1"??? Anyone else have missing parts on their brand new Edge???