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    vacuum leak sound

    My wife's 2007 Edge has within the week developed a hiss or vacuum leak sound from the engine area. We hear it on the freeway with slight acceleration. Also the trans sometimes shifts erratically, ie lurching.? Any ideas?
  2. roylg

    Cabin Air Filter location ?

    OK, we fell for it too. Our salesman said no cabin air filter in 2007 Edges. The book said change it if equipped; well, not equipped, so nothing to do. But it is now 2011 and the A/C performance has gotten really bad. Thought it might need a recharge of refrigerant, but no, the air output temp was 46F. Checked this forum and went looking for the cabin air filter. Didn't find a filter but, wonder of wonders, I did find something flat. Took it out and cleaned it up and guess what I saw --- a screen inside all of the debris. Put the screen back in and now the A/C works good as new. I wonder why we had to find out the hard way? Well, never mind, it's working good now. This is the third time this forum has saved me Lotsa$$$. Thank you FordEdgeForum.
  3. Pics from azedge on 6/5/08 look just like ours. The bulbs were original and the bulb bodies were burned and melted, and the sockets looked crispy too. Thanks to FoxGirl for the links to the pics!