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  1. Installing LC2i 2ch Line Out Converter under the head unit front dash for a sub cant seem to find a swithched 12 volt switched acc wire source any where close to the head unit anybody can help with a location or wiring diagram where i can tap into a switched 12 volt source Model Push to start with sync nav Thanks
  2. Does any one Know if you can upgrade from the standard audio system to the Sony system 2013 Edge SEL with nav
  3. Just had installed 2 way range extender in my 2013 SEL with the factory remote start it can now start from 1 mile away and shows me on the remote if its running or not you will need a second remote. It is aftermarket from viper cost me $350.00 with the fancy color remote but can get cheaper if you dont want 2 way or you can just add smart start if you don't want extra remote. Ford dealers where no help other than saying go see aftermarket installers.
  4. Thanks autom8r for the wiring diag hooked it up works great
  5. I have viper 5501 installed and have a out put to trigger the rear defrost but can't locate any wires on the back of the climate control unit to trigger it to come on when remote start. If any one can point me on how to make this work or lacate where i have to connect the out put wire from the viper unit to the car would be great Thanks 2009 sel edge
  6. Ange

    Adding factory subwoofer

    I just did mine and removed the cuby storage and used the same panel with a colour match grill for the opening the panels cost around $450.00
  7. thanks i will give it a try
  8. Just installed a viper remote start with smart start.I want to tap into the rear and front defrost controls to come on with the remote start any one know what colour wires on the back of the controls are used to trigger the defrost 2009 edge sel