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Has anyone installed red LED rear turn signals?

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Just curious if anyone has installed red LED rear turn signals on their Edge. I ordered the DTBL LED smoked tails and they look awesome when installed (highly recommended if you can afford them), and I got the LED bulb pack from DTBL as well. The bulb pack comes with white reverse lights and amber turn signals.


In brief searches I had done on here, I hadn't seen anybody post that they had actually installed red LED rear turn signals instead of amber. If you have, just curious if you have a picture of them while flashing and what your opinion is of them. Also, where you ordered them and how much they were each. I would be looking for plug and play bulbs, rather than any that require additional "work" as my skills are quite limited. The amber ones sent from DTBL are great, but I'm thinking down the road I may want to go with red for the tail signals to switch it up (I know I need to leave the front amber). Any opinions or input is welcome. Thanks!

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