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DVD sound besides FM transmitter?

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Can I use the USB ports in the DVD headrests and connect it to the USB ports in my center console via cable? I tried using red yellow white a/v cables but the a/v hookups on the DVD players is input only. Is the USB port input only as well? I purchased these factory Invision Revolution LT for our 2011 MKX and everything works great except the FM transmitter does not work at all, can't get any stations to come in (private owner purchase) and from everything I'm reading, nobody likes the reception of the FM transmitter when it functions anyway. We don't want to put headphones on our 2 year old daughter and she can't live without Elmo or Frozen lol. We are used to my Expedition where it plays all through the car stereo.


My other thinking is to use the 3.5mm headphone jack and buying a universal Bluetooth transmitter that plugs in and picking that up with SYNC. Does anybody think that will work?


Any other suggestions I appreciate it.

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Did you follow these instructions?


Can I listen to the sound of my DVD through the car stereo speakers?
Yes. Power up your system and place a disc in monitor "A" (headrest system) or in the only loader (Overhead/Center Console System). While pointing your remote at the monitor press the "DVD A" button directly under the red "POWER" button on your remote control. Next press the "Sound Around ON/OFF" button to turn on or off FM modulation as desired. Three buttons to right is the "Sound Around SELECT" button which will scroll through 6 possible stations for broadcasting speaker sound. Once selecting a station you must then tune your stereo to the corresponding frequency.


That's your best bet. Otherwise get a headphone jack to RCA cable adapter and use the headphone jack to the rca ports and select Line In on sync.

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I did try the instructions on how to use the fm transmitter and tried a few different ways of running the antenna off of the control box of the unit, but none of the stations will come in. I bought a 12ft 3.5mm to rca cable from amazon. Looks to be good quality and reviews. Hopefully it works well. Thanks.

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the using of FM modulation for the dvd sucks. If you installed these yourself you will know where

the junction box is. this is where the two dvd's connect together and has the power wire also.

If this is the newer version it has a 3.5 headphone jack on the side you can use and plug

that into the aux input or get an adapter and plug it into the red and white RCA's. If you

don't have that 3.5 jack you can use a headphone from one of the headrest DVD's

and do the same. Gary

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