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2011 Edge limited wont shift into park


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We have a 2011 Edge limited that sporadically won't shift into park. It seems to be a problem with the keyless system (won't roll, but keeps telling us to shift into park after it shuts down). We restart it, and that seems to help... at least lets us lock and walk away. I read something about a transmission range sensor (for the opposite reason), but have no idea where that is, or how I can replace it.


Can anyone help before it quits completely... I'm mechanically inclined, but is this a big deal?




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I have the same problem on my 2011, you shift it to park and turn off but the "shift to park" light comes on and you have to restart and shift out and into park again. It's getting worse. 55k and already I had to replace the throttle body out of warranty so a bit frustrating.

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I have a 2013 Ford Edge Sport. It is an AWD. It had the same problem with giving an error message, shift to park, when the car was in park already.


The solution is to have the dealership change out the gear shifter. It has a defect. My dealership had the part in stock already, so I was able to get it fixed in one day.


It helped to tell the service writer that the shift to park was a problem, and that it could be fixed by changing out the gear shifter. My sister's Ford Explorer Limited (2011) had the same problem.


Hope this helps!!



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