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    2011 Edge limited wont shift into park

    Okay, found a thread on this issue. Hoping its not too expensive out of warranty http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/11282-shift-to-park-warning-when-its-in-park/?hl=%2Bshift+%2Binto+%2Bpark
  2. BradQ

    2011 Edge limited wont shift into park

    I have the same problem on my 2011, you shift it to park and turn off but the "shift to park" light comes on and you have to restart and shift out and into park again. It's getting worse. 55k and already I had to replace the throttle body out of warranty so a bit frustrating.
  3. I am somewhat interested but my fairly new 22"s are already curbed/beat up. Worst decision ever was to get 22"s with 9 1/2" width rims and 35mm profile on a 265 tire. The rims stick out farther than the tire and are too close to the ground! I was planning on using the 22"s as my winter tires as long as the Yoko tires hold up in the winter and buy some new 20"s and tires in the spring since my significant other drives the vehicle 1/2 the time and the 22"s are bound to continue getting beat up and I've given up on repairing them. I would be interested if I can get a great deal and if the factory 18"? would work better in the snow than the Yoko Parada's? I'm guessing these dont have Tire Pressure Monitoring?
  4. BradQ

    20 inch matte blacks on 2012 limited?

    I got 22's with 265 width, 35mm profile and 9 1/2" rims for about 6 months. I kinda wish I got 20's. The rims have been curbed 2 times and bent from a huge unavoidable pot hole. Mine are alloy. Each time, they were repairable but cost about $125 per rim to fix. I still got 1 small scratched rim but havent got around to getting it fixed. If your determined to get 22's, I would definitely get the 40mm profile and smaller width rims like 9" as my rims go right to the edge of the tire. Plus my wife drives it mostly and even though I tell her to be careful, it doesnt matter.
  5. BradQ

    photo 4

    hey the "new" rims look good! when I saw you grill inserts, I ordered new ones and had them painted to match my platium white paint and it looks awesome. thanks!
  6. BradQ

    Aftermarket Wheels + Winter = Troubles!

    I think I'm going to be in the same boat as you when the winter comes. 2 months ago, I purchased inexpensive (Zinik) 22" rims with tires that are machine polished from tirerack and sold my stock 20" chrome clad wheels. Since then, I have paid twice to have the rims repaired (wife curbing and a large pothole) and I am wondering if it's the cheap aftermarket rims or bad luck. Now I hear about your pitting and corroding and I am thinking this may happen to these rims. I definitely will look into plasticdip if this will help prevent this but will probably look into getting better rims.
  7. BradQ

    Running Boards Installed

    I agree, do you have any large pictures? I want to get these and larger photos would be much appreciated.
  8. Got you 2nd message MickeyCondon, I'll upload the photos this weekend. 2 tires treads are like the larger photo and 2 are just slightly more worn but all have even tread wear. I will talk to you when your back in town and make sure they will still be available.
  9. Sorry MickeyCondon, I cant respond to the message because I have to have 20 post. I will clean the wheels off and take better pictures this weekend. For some reason, the pictures shrunk when I sent to my hotmail account so I'll make sure th new pics are more detailed and the rims cleaned up. The larger pictures I sent to my work email but figured I'd upload better pictures once the weathers better. There is no curbing or gashes. The tires I believe are rated to 50,000 miles but I dont think they will last that long. They have 31,000 miles on them now. 2 are a little more worn that than the other 2 but they should all get through till next winter. I replaced them now because I knew within a year I would have to replace and the wheels I've been eyeing went on sale so I jumped on them.
  10. This is my first post as I've been lurking for a while. I just bought some new 22" wheels and am looking to get rid of my old stock 2011 limited 20" chrome clad rims and tires. Best case would be someone in the PA or DELMARVA area that would like all 4 rims and tires. I live in the Baltimore, MD area and would drive to meet you. Rims are in good shape. No obvious scuff/scrapes. Vehicle has 31,000 miles and I can take additional photos if needed as I did not clean off the rims or tires before taking the photos. Tires probably have about 8-10K miles left on them at the most. I tried searching price of these rims but could not really find an accurate price. I saw in some post the rims were being sold for $250/each. I'm will to take $900 for rims and tires. They also have the TPMS in them. I cant include the lugnuts as I have to keep a set for the spare tire. If you think this is an unreasonable price, let me know. Thanks for looking Brad