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AC blows hot air out the passenger side


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I'll spare you the wall of text from my visit to a Ford dealership ... and clip only the parts relevant to your question and my experiences.


4) driver side dash vent doesn't keep up with the passenger's side. Not as hot when heating. Not as cold when cooling. Both by a significant difference.


Forth and final item was the driver side dash vent. When they first looked at it .. they reported that they were unable to find anything wrong. "Working as intended" :censored: and they told me this on the phone call that my truck was ready to be picked up. First thing I did was the warm the engine with the windows open keeping the passenger compartment cool and got the service manager. Then I employed the "learned lesson" and again "demonstrate the issue to multiple people." and was successful. They kept it three more days but the end result was ... it appears to be fixed now. They "adjusted" the damper valve. Something that was beyond the local tech's knowledge as they reported having to call Ford Engineering for an adjustment procedure. - both dash vents are at the same temperature now.

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