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Ordering Ecoboost & Option Package 302A??


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New to the forum and really close to buying a new 2012 Edge Limited. I have been unable to find either online or at my local dealer the exact vehicle we want, which is my question...Can you get Ecoboost in Limited trim with the 302A option package. 302A basically comes with Vision Pkg, collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control that the 301A package does not have. At the dealer today and when he went in to locate the vehicle, when he entered Ecoboost, the only package choice was 301A, 302A was not even listed. He went back and entered the V6 and 302A package was available. Don't understand why 302A would not be available with the Ecoboost. Any help would be appreciated.

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I went throught the same thing prior to buying a 2012 Edge Limited w/Ecoboost back in Jan. I was told the 302A was not available with Ecoboost due to the cooling louvers up front that open/close for cooling of the Ecoboost engine and that the collision avoidance was not compatible with those. At least that's what I was told.

Hope that helps.

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