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Did you get your Edge?


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I took delevery tonight of my BEAUTIFUL new Ford Edge w/ Vista Roof!! :hyper: :hyper: What a great vehicle, props to the folks up north in Canada for a superb fit and finish! :rockon: Too bad it's dark and rainy and overall shitty out when I took it home. Anyway, here are a couple of pics taken at the dealership.


P.S. If you are thinking of canceling your order, DON'T!!! It's worth the wait!!!




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OAC Trim shop worker here:


Congrats on your new Edge and happy you are pleased with it. We're pretty proud of them.....it's a great vehicle and it's been a long time since we had something to be this excited about building. They've taken longer than we hoped to finally get to the public due to some vendor issues that crept up during the launch process but you can rest assured we're just shy of running full production speed and trainloads of units are shipping out daily now.

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I can't help but say, this is "so target customer." You could put this in a brochure shot. Any kids not pictured or not at that life stage yet?


Congrats on the new Edge!

No we don't have any kids yet, but hopfully the situation at Ford improves enough so we can start worrying about having kids. Also my dad just got a White Chocolate MKX, and was wondering about the lack of discussion on this site about the MKX. Anyway, he is going to register and try to get something started.


And finally a bit of a rant from me. I have to return to my dealership because it seems they charged me $5.00 too much for Wearcare. Ford will not let them cut me a check for $5.00, so I have to go in and sign all new paperwork :banghead: . As a Ford employee, I'm glad it happened to me and not a regular customer who might not be as loyal. I know it is a small problem, but it is still a hassle!!!

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