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Remote Starter - Continue Vehicle Running When Exiting the Vehicle


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Recently I had a remote starter installed in my 2013 Edge Limited. Due to the dealerships limited choices series 100 was installed. I'm a bit unhappy with this product as it does not turn on the heated seats and I cannot figure out how to leave the it running when exit the vehicle and turn off the ignition.


My previous car was a 2012 Fusion and the remote started allowed me to hold the button before I exited the vehicle, remove the key and it would continue to run. Does anyone know if this can be done and if so, how?

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There should be a menu for remote start in the cluster settings menu. One of the options is for the driver & passenger seats & you should be able to select Auto or off. In Auto, the vehicle would decide if the heated seats are required to be turned on depending on outside climate temperature.

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