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  1. Can someone provide more details on a "13N01" Field Service Action? Preferably a PDF copy?
  2. Check this thread on XDA, specifically the last 10 pages or so.
  3. There is no SD Card maps for the Middle East for the original MyFord Touch system (Sync 2). The solution is to change it, hack it, or install an aftermarket add-on.
  4. I would suggest disconnecting the battery for ~10 minutes to reset the electronics.
  5. What model is your Edge? There is no Navigation SD Card for the Middle East.
  6. omar302

    Drill Holes In 2019 Edge Muffler

    Those are weep holes for water condensate to drain out.
  7. omar302

    Cracked sunroof

    Check the attached for more details on what is covered under warranty. I'm guessing you have a 2019+ Edge and it is the rear fixed glass that is broken, the OEM glass replacement is only $700. The dealers quote seems quite high. I know that the procedure is a bit more labour involved, but still, $1200 seems too high. If it is not uncovered by warranty, suggest you check with glass replacement shops. G0000179 -Window Glass Ford.pdf
  8. omar302

    2017 Sport - Shark Fin Antenna

    Looking at pictures of it (here), it seems it is attached with screws.
  9. omar302

    2017 Sport - Shark Fin Antenna

    Attached is the service procedure for removal of the antenna. Satellite Radio Antenna.pdf
  10. The info regarding the digital manual replacing the paper one seems to be correct. See this link from Ford, the footnote states the following: **On vehicles with digital owner manuals, the paper manual will be dramatically reduced but not fully eliminated. As for your worry of accessing it with a dead battery, you can also access it through your phone (link). For the key code, I couldn't find any info, as far as I can tell, there should've been a card provided. If where you I'd raise a serious concern with the dealer on its whereabouts as it can provided access it's holder access to your vehicle. They should provide it to ensure no one else took it.
  11. Found out that the 2020+ ST Wheel Centercaps are a 100% replacement for my 2016 21", only they are black instead of blue. Part number FR3Z-1003-A. Got them for about $11 each. I had previously purchased an aftermarket set like those available in eBay or Aliexpress (set of 4 for about $12), but they did not fit correctly, the tabs were shorter and they would be loose and easily fall off. I also found a site that sells the set (4 pieces) for $34.95 (link), but as I still had to ship them overseas, my local dealer's price made more sense.
  12. I am guessing because the Sport taillights are darker (blacked out), hence if you install only one side it will be different compared to the other (stock) side, hence the incompatibility (different part numbers).
  13. omar302

    18 Sport - 'Soft' front struts?

    I do. Going over speed bumps I get the exact same feeling you described. I remember it this way since new. Reading Ford's introduction of the Edge Sport, they did state upgrading the rear shocks compared to the standard but no mention of the front struts.
  14. omar302

    '18 Sport, and it hates my iPhone...kinda

    I am not sure how it is on iPhones, but with an Android, you'd go to the Bluetooth settings and disable "Media audio" for Sync. But that would also disable Bluetooth audio streaming.
  15. The Edge is not supposed to lock by itself automatically when you walk away from it, you have to lock it.
  16. omar302

    Fuel Plug Lock

    Apparently fuel Tank drilling has started to make news. https://jalopnik.com/fuel-tank-drilling-is-the-hot-new-car-theft-trend-sweep-1848653956
  17. omar302

    2019 or 2020 Nautilus vs Edge

    My opinion: Nautilus or Edge: Test drive first. Generally speaking, the Lincoln will be the nicer more comfortable ride, but will depreciate more (percentage wise). In my experience, my 2011 Lincoln MKX though was more expensive than all Edge trims, but after 6 years it's value become slightly below a 2011 Edge Sport with the same engine. 2019 or 2020: Newer, lower mileage is always better, but will be more expensive. V6 or 4 cylinder: I haven't tried the 4 cylinder, but previously had the 3.7L V6 in the 2011 MKX and now have the 2.7 V6 EcoBoost in the Edge Sport, I definitely wouldn't go for the 4 cylinder. Buyer's remorse: Get a V6 2020 Nautilus. You won't regret buying the best option (highest trim, Engine, model...etc.), only your wallet will hurt. ­čśü. Again, Test Drive. This is the biggest deciding factor, in my opinion.
  18. omar302

    Fuel Plug Lock

    The part number "BU5Z-9C268-B" (for the 2015+ Edge) supersedes (BU5Z-9C268-A), I found one (1) piece of the older part number available on eBay for $27.29.
  19. omar302

    looking for more sound

    I have a 2015 Lincoln MKS with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost and the stock exhaust system sounds good, unlike the 2.7L EcoBoost in the 2016 Edge Sport I have. There is a vast difference in exhaust sound between the two even though both are Twin Turbo V6s. Probably its just the nature of how each is designed, I guess one of the reasons being the 2.7 being designed for more stringent future emissions regulations.
  20. The related service procedures are attached. 2017 should be the same as the 2015 model. Liftgate Trim Panel.pdf Rear Spoiler.pdf High Mounted Stoplamp.pdf
  21. You stock "F" setting should work. Do not change it. Did you try the "Reverse Tilt Mirror´╗┐ Calibration´╗┐" process? Did the option show up in the cluster under vehicle settings and it is enabled? Nothing else comes to my mind now.
  22. Just as @Wesow stated above, it is better to add you Edge model/year to you signature. I assume you have a European Edge as from you screenshot it shows to be a diesel model. The default value is different (not 7) because you also have folding mirrors. So you have 720-02-01 as FBA4 AC78 1E08 and you'll need to change the A to E (A+4 = E). The line then becomes FBA4 EC78 1E08. When writing the value you will get a "checksum" error, just ignore it, then the last two digit (08) will change to the correct checksum value.
  23. Enable Reverse Side Mirror Tilt: 720-02-01 (2013+ MY) xxxx Xxxx xxxx (IPC) 3 (Disabled - Default) 7 (Enabled) Add Hex 4 to Existing Value: 3+4=7 740-03-01 (2013+ MY) Xxxx xx (DDM) 6 (Disabled - Default) 7 (Enabled) 740-13-01 (2013+ MY) XXxx (DDM) 00 (Disabled - Default) FC (Enabled) 741-03-01 (2013+ MY) Xxxx xx (PDM) 6 (Disabled - Default) 7 (Enabled) 741-13-01 (2013+ MY) XXxx (PDM) 00 (Disabled - Default) FC (Enabled) Select left/right mirror, put vehicle in Reverse and mirror will automatically tilt down toward curb and then return to normal position when gear is changed or mirror switch is unselected. Reverse Tilt Mirror Calibration: 1) Switch the ignition on 2) Press the memory button 3) Select the mirror you want to adjust 4) Put your vehicle into reverse (R) and let the mirror automatically tilt until it stops 5) When the mirror is in its tilted position and is no longer moving, adjust it with the controls 6) Hold the memory button for 5 seconds to save the setting 7) Press the mirror button and return to park (P) ­čśÄ Hold memory button again Although there is no specific list/sheet for the For Edge, you can generally follow the same codes as other Ford vehicles. For the 2015+ Edge, you can follow the 2015-2020 F-150, 2013+ Fusion (2nd Gen) or 2016-2019 Explorer.
  24. omar302

    Want Day time headlights off

    Use ForScan with a suitable OBDII adapter.
  25. omar302

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy your new ride.