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4 wheel down towing of 2007-08 ford edge (speed limits)

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I am considering buying an edge to pull behind my diesel coach. I have pulled Jeeps for years. easy to do due to transaxle.


I read all the manauals and called ford and was told it can indeed be towed with all 4 wheels down.


My question involves the 65 mph speed limit imposed int the manual. Ford told me this is because towing at a higher speed "Might damage the DRIVE LINE."


My understanding is the drive TRAIN is engine and transmission. Everything past the transmission is the DRIVELINE.


I tow over mountains, meaning you exceed 65mph on down grades AND there are states there the speed limit is 70mph.


I see posts that say they have towed their edges over 10,000 miles or more so far. I wondered if anyone who has actually towed an edge can address the 65mph limit. If I exceed this for short periods, is this going to damage the rearend? AND, if you know, why would this happen. Does the car not drive faster than 70mph when being actually driven? What's the deal here? is Ford just covering their butts for warranties?

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