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I am pretty new around here, I am currently an owner of a 2012 Ford Focus SEL Hatchback. Sadly, recently I was in an accident and the car has now been in the shop for over a month. I should be getting it back this coming week (fingers crossed), but this has now given me the opportunity to get in to my Ford Edge.


So I have been shopping around to many different dealerships, currently I have it narrowed down to 2 potentials.


Dealer 1: 2012 Ford Edge Sport AWD

- Color: Black

- Miles: 45k

- Fully loaded with driver entry package, vista sun-roof, mft w/navigation

- Price: $24,995 (Not including tax, titles & fees)


Dealer 2: 2012 Ford Edge Sport AWD - Certified Pre-Owned

- Color: Dark Blue

- Miles: 41k

- Fully loaded with driver entry package, vista sun-roof, mft w/navigation

- Price: $27,000 (Not including tax, titles & fees)


So, at the end of the day both vehicles are almost identical. Main differences are dealer #2 has less mileage and has the CPO warranty. I have bee to the dealership to test drive the black one and it was nice, my only complaints with the vehicle was that there is a minor (very minor) chip in the paint on the drivers door, and some paint scuffs on the bottom rear fender, and finally some strange blue ink looking stain on the carpeting in the back of the truck. I plan on test driving the blue on @ dealer #2 next weekend (only issue is they are over an hour away).


Basically what I am looking at after my trade-in on the Focus is Dealer #1 would cost around $27.5k in total out the door, and Dealer #2 (through some email exchanges) would be roughly $29.5k out the door. So, looking for some thoughts from everyone, is the extra $2k worth it? I do prefer the navy blue color from dealer #2 it seems to be very rare, and as a major NY Yankees fan its fitting :) (not a fan of the impact blue color Ford uses now), from the photos on the site I cannot see any scratches or scuffs but I will find that out for sure in about a week, finally the 4k fewer miles and the CPO tag?


Thanks for the input guys, been loving the forum (from browsing) so far.

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Thanks for the replies guys. So far I am leaning in the direction of the blue. The black one is a great fall back though if it doesn't work out. The dealer (only though email at this point) has been a little iffy to communicate with... for everything being in writing he is forgetting a lot and asking me duplicate questions which bothers me for some reason. I will keep you guys posted with what ends up panning out between the 2 vehicles. Either way I would be happy, been dying to get in to an Edge Sport since purchasing my Focus.

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So another vehicle came in the mix last minute and I went with it. I am set to pick it up either tonight or tomorrow.


2013 Ford Edge Sport AWD Black

Miles: 30,000


Vision Package, Driver Entry Package, MFT

Initial Selling Price: $27,000

Negotiated Cost: $26,500

Trade-In: Started at $7,500 and negotiated up to $8,500


I am excited to get it, thoughts?

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