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aftermarket sub & amp

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Hey man, I actually just completed my install today on my 2008 Edge Limited and thought I'd share my solution. I found the OEM sub to be pretty lacking & wanted to add my own...but I value my trunk space. I wanted the most bang for my buck, so I designed a small footprint sub enclosure (BassBox 6 Pro) to get the most out of my single Kicker 12. I'm using a MTX Thunder 500.1 and a line level converter. I removed the OEM sub and enclosure and found there's a ton of room underneath the panel. I was trying to come up with a crafty way of mounting the amp there, but the space is really uneven and didn't feel like doing a whole fiberglass custom design... So I cut out the back of the OEM sub enclosure (the part that connects to the two mounting hole plates) and filled it with bondo. Sanded it down to a semi flat surface and attached a piece of MDF to it. Then I remounted it in it's original location, I attached a bigger piece of MDF on top of it to allow more mounting space. Slapped up the amp on that and wired it all up. All in all, I'm really pleased with how it turned out and it sounds way better than I ever expected. Definitely a worthy project, especially when my system now hits harder and louder than my buddy's 2 15's (which he was not happy about) haha... Check out the Imgur album here: http://imgur.com/a/NDLWy

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