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Why does the Edge weigh so much??


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It's smaller than my Freestyle, but weights ALOT more.



Let's crunch some numbers.


You will get slightly different numbers depending on your source. I am using:

Ford Vehicle Comparison 2007 Edge SEL FWD vs 2007 Freestyle Limited FWD


The only way I can compare the two is to estimate them as rectangular bricks:

Volume = Lenght X Width X (Height - Ground Clearance)




Length 185.7"

Width 75.8"

Height 67.0"

Ground Clearance 8.0"

Height Adjusted for ground clearance: 59"

Weight 4086 lbs




Length 199.8"

Width 74.4"

Height 65.9"

Ground Clearance 5.1"

Height Adjusted for ground clearance: 60.8"

Weight 3959 lbs


Fresstyle is longer.

Edge is wider.

Freestyle is taller adjusted for ground clearance.


Edge brick volume: 481 cubic feet

Fresstyle brick volume: 523 cubic feet

% difference: 8.7%


Edge brick density: 8.5 lbs / cubic foot

Freestyle brick density: 7.6 lbs / cubic foot

% difference: 12%

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