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Kicker Subwoofer

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SON put homemade systems into his last three vehicles... He's on vehicle #4 now with no plans for a sound system other that stock.


The best system was the Solo Baric 12" subwoofer in a homemade enclosure in the spare tire well in the '88 Mustang GT hatchback. Anything over half volume would rattle the aluminum siding on the house when the Mustang was in the shop 90 feet away. The enclosure was built to Kicker spec's and did NOT disappoint!


I forget what his next subwoofer was, was 12" also, in a homemade enclosure replacing the center console of his '93 F-150 Lightning. The enclosure was just a bit smaller than it was supposed to be, like 1.1 or 1.2 cubic feet vs 1.25. It never performed like the Solo Baric.


My advice, decide on 8", 10", 12", or 15" subwoofers, one or two or more, give them the necessary room Kicker recommends, throw all the power Kicker recommends at them and smile!

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