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Auto Climate Control

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OK, it's 50 degrees outside, my climate control is set on 85 and the A/C keeps coming on even though heat is pumping out. Does anyone know why this happens. It would make sense if the car was warm because it was sunny, but it's cold in the car, the heat comes on and the A/C is on. I keep having to switch off the A/C button because I think it's a waste to have the A/C on when the car is heating up. Is there something wrong with my system or does this happen to everyone?

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Air Conditioning will help reduce the windshield fogging. There is from manual(PDF version Page 70):

7. A/C: Press to activate/deactivate air conditioning. Use with

recirculated air to improve cooling performance and efficiency. Engages

automatically in AUTO, (defrost) and (floor/defrost).

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