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Changing the 2018 Ford Edge SE Head Unit

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Hello all,


I just got a brand new 2018 Ford Edge SE. I love it, however the head unit sucks!


I like the head unit in the Platinum and the Sport. Does anyone know if I can get that head unit installed into my SE? If so, how much does that cost?



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If this is the 4" Sync screen version you can do the switch but you will need a minimum of the following


  • Dash panel with AC controls ($100 - $200)
  • Harness to adapt the 4" Sync harness to the 8" harness (there are different versions of this depending if your original AC controls are manual or auto) ($250 - $350)
  • Adapter for the backup camera input to new harness (with above most likely or a $25 - $50 addon)
  • Sync 3 APIM and Screen ($300 - $700 depending on Nav or non nav - keep in mind this is used parts too not new)
  • USB cable from the APIM to your console ($35 - $75) you may be able to use a male to male mini usb cable but it wouldn't be locked into place (also I haven't tested this myself.)
  • USB Hub for Sync 3 ($50)
  • GPS antenna ($10 - $20)

You will also need to program the APIM for your vehicle as well. The software (Forscan) is free but you will need a OBD2 bluetooth or usb adapter ($10 - $50).


I've seen some people build the harness themselves on the F150 forums. There are companies that sell PnP kits as well. Prices I quoted are just for things I saw from different vendors when researching my recent options when buying my son a car. Because of all this I decided to get one that already had a Sync 2 touchscreen which doesn't require a harness kit.

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