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2017 Ford Edge Sport Raptor Grill

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Hey all,


First post on there. Love my Edge. But this Grill looks amazing.


I just bought one just like it off Ebay. Would anyone know if it is possible to remove my front camera from the factory grill and place it on this raptor style grill? I don't use the camera much but I think it would be a great option.






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The eBay ones surely will not have any mounting points or hardware for the front camera. You will have to find a way to custom mount it. I'm pretty sure the little pop-out spray nozzle is completely separate from the camera module so you may be able to lose that feature to make it a bit easier. Then you just need to find the right spot to put the camera so you can mount it to the raptor grill. It might not be too difficult to figure out. I looked into this myself already. I was considering buying the Euro-spec honeycomb grill from the Vignale edition Edge, but I couldn't find a place to buy a new one, plus I'm sure it would have cost upwards of $800 easily. Good luck!

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