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Can this info be used to give me a status?


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I have a Ford order number from my dealer: it is E001. Have no idea if that can lead to any information for my VIN, if it exists yet.

The order was confirmed to the dealer (by Ford) Jan 18.


I also know my order has priority 80 :mellow: Hope the top one is not 1 cause I could be here for a long wait...hehehe


I will try to get in touch with the Dealer.


I have placed my order via a fleet location (Lutex) agency. Due to the volume they have with Ford, the agency has fleet status or something.


My wife got her 05Mustang GT in a rather quick turn around (back in May 2005) while all the dealers had quota issues, so I am hoping the priority 80 is somehow high.


Can anyone explain to me if priority 80 means something at the factory or if it is just a dealer thing?




Marc G

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