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My husband and I, just bought a new Edge and we LOVE it. So do our children and grandchildren.

After putting about 100 miles on it, we knew something had to give with those head rest. So my husband turned ours around. It not only feels much better, when driving, but they look better.

If they bother anyone else, then do what we did, and turn them around.



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there are various postings about the "comfort" of the head rests. If you are happy with your solution great BUT as it is pointed out in another thread the crash test performance/safety performance dictated the positioning and angle on the head rests.


Do I personally think its a huge issue, no. Look at cars with no head rests (60's & 70's) and cars with head rests that don't adjust properly and actually only line up with your neck. Air bags might change the dynamics regarding whiplash etc but at least you are limiting your rearward travel even with them facing backwards.


Congratulations on the new Edge and enjoy !

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