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BOLT ON 26 inch Wheels for Edge

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Pirelli is unveling a 26inch tire designed to fit the edge without any modifications....


Stay tuned I will have pictures up in a matter of weeks.....


Hi droppinbombs. While Pirelli unveiled their Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico for light truck and SUV/CUV use (up to 30 inch diameter) some time ago, it will not fit the Edge (not even in a 26 inch size).


Just go to Pirelli.com and the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico for light truck and SUV/CUV use (again, up to 30 inch diameter) is already listed, pictures and all.


According to any of the major wheel/tire retailers, the largest wheel/tire combination that will fit the Edge is 22 inches. It seems anything larger would entail modification to the bodywork and/or possibly the suspension. Of course, even then the vehicle would be essentially non-drivable on anything bumpier than a pool table.


However, looking at your user name I have a feeling you already know all of this and just wanted to stir up a good debate with your very first post? :yup:


If that is the case it was a heck of a shot, you certainly picked a good subject for it, and I salute the effort! :hysterical:


If that is not the case, my apologies and would you please post a link to where you found this "bolt on the Edge" information?


Good luck. :beerchug:

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