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Wheel bearing and axle issues, impact on driveline

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Less than a week ago I purchased a 2016 Ford Edge SEL AWD 2.0L engine <35K miles.   On the way home from the dealership I heard an unusual growl.  Took it back in and the dealer ended up replacing both front wheel bearings, right front axle carrier bearing, and right front axle.  My concern is two fold now, 1) these issues seem like they might be symptoms of something else that we haven't discovered yet and 2) what impact has the bad wheel bearings and axle had on the rest of the drive train especially the PTU, do I have a ticking time bomb on my hands.  I can still unwind this deal and my knee jerk reaction is to let them have this one back and find a different one from their inventory.  Am I over reacting?

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