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HVAC blower runs down and then stops...

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   I have a problem that I'm having trouble solving with my manual climate control. I first noticed this over the summer that I would have the AC turned on to any setting 1-4 and it would run fine for about five minutes. Then the fan would gradually slow down until it stopped altogether, no matter what setting I had it on. I let it go for a while but now that it's getting cold, I need the heat and defrost. Yesterday, I turned the defrost to high and again it ran for about five minutes until the fan slowed down to a stop. Today, I tried it again with the same result.

   The blower obviously works, but I can't figure out why it slows down to a stop. Does the system need recharged or maybe something electrical? Hoping for some good suggestions, so that I don't freeze to death over the winter. Thank you in advance! 

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