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2016 Edge Titanium AWD

Purchased a Winter Snow Tire Package

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After several weeks of waiting my son and I picked up new Continental WinterContact SI's (these particular tires are no longer available, but a newer improved version is), new Direct Fit Rims and TPMS Sensors for the 2016 Edge AWD.


The package consisted of:

  • 4 Continental WinterContact SI - 245/60R18 Tires
  • 4 Direct Fit Steel Rims - 18x7.5 with a 42mm offset
  • 4 Shrader 33500 Dual frequency 315/433 MHz TPM Sensors


I received three quotes for very similar package(s):

  • One from our local dealer
  • One from a local tire shop
  • One from a 'virtual' seller in Mississauga about 90 miles away.


The first quote from our local dealer was no surprise and came in just under $2,450  - the only difference being FoMoCo rims, sensors, and a different brand of tires.

The second quote came in at $1,875 - the only difference being the supplier of the rims,  sensors and the brand and style of tires included

The third quote came in at $1,475 from a 'virtual' seller located in Mississauga that I'd never heard of.


This 'virtual' seller we picked the package up from this morning is called GreenLeaf Tire. They have no store front, no 'warehouse' and appear to only have a web presence. Their service is second to none, they stand behind every product they sell and, as demonstrated by the pricing, sell for the lowest price of any retailer in southern Ontario. Most communication happens via email, but as it gets closer to pickup time, they switch to phone to keep you in the loop.


As usual, there were both positive and negative comments on Google about the firm, but the negative comments were in most cases gripes and misunderstandings that could have been avoided had the purchaser done more due diligence. The company operated in a very straightforward and honest manner.


The rims I wanted were the same rims quoted when you buy tires from Costco Wholesale. Incidentally, Costco would have come in higher just for the tires and rims alone. I checked with the rim supplier's techs to confirm that the offset I was going with based on the 18" rim would fit the Edge correctly. They confirmed this the next day. I didn't think the 52mm offset for the stock alloy 19" rims would work and chose a 42 mm offset that would place the inner and outer rim edges squarely in the middle of the wheel house openings front and back. Combined with this 42mm offset, this new 18" steel rim would also be out of harms way with respect to brake components and suspension.


I'm not sure if I am allowed to post their URL here in the forum, but they are easy to find on the 'Interweb'.  :)


I submitted the request for quote and received it about 1 day later. Originally I had planned NOT to go with the aftermarket TPMS units because I had read stories about them not sync'ing properly with the on-board control module. But the seller convinced me that they sell hundreds of these sensors for the 2016 thru 2019 Ford Edge and they work perfectly. So rather than drive around all winter with the idiot light on in the dash I decided to go with them. A friend of mine who works at Ford in Oakville and probably touched the Edge when it was built (he's also a mechanic) said not to worry about the aftermarket sensors, they'll work fine.


It was a long process however, that took about 2 months from the purchase date to fulfillment but it was worth the wait. 


So that's my story ... your experience and mileage may vary ... 


PS - GreenLeaf will ship a complete set of wheels and tires anywhere in Canada ...

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