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How to remove steering rack and pinion - 2008 MKX


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I can't seem to find any details on how to remove the rack and pinion - I looked on here and online.
Anyone have any input or tips?

I need to change mine (bad leak) and already have the replacement rack but my MKX is parked close to a wall on the passenger side.
Its been sitting with a dead battery, no power steering fluid and 2 flat tires for a month.  I'm concerned the rack will need to come out from the passenger side only and I may not have enough room with it being so close to the wall. I really don't wan to deal with all that just to move it over 2 feet if I don't need to...


I'm actually not even 100% sure its the rack,  its hard to see exactly where its leaking from - but that is what the previous owner told me when I bought it.


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