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    Ford Edge Preventative Maintenance Schedule

    Great effort! One suggestion, time is also a factor with lubricants, particularly engine oil as it has to deal with fuel and other contaminants. Suggested oil changes are (depending on service/driving habits/oil type) 5k-10k miles or one year. Some still change oil at 3k but they're probably still using that 20th century dino stuff while others will argue their synthetic will run 15k or more. You're just not going to win that one You'll want to consult tire manufacturer websites but I believe rotations are recommended every 5k miles and replacement every 5-6 years.
  2. I can't counsel you about the door handle locking but if you press the 'lock' button on your remote twice it will cause the horn to honk. Maybe that would work for you.
  3. Gadgetjq

    SYNC 3 V3.4

    I'd be happy if they just told users what an update includes.
  4. My '16 Edge has been plagued by a mystery power drain. After not being driven for a couple of days I kept getting the infamous 'shutting down to protect battery' message. I recently had a 'DOH'! moment as it occurred to me maybe the iPod plugged into one USB port and a phone charger into another plus usb adapters in all the 12V accessory ports were sucking the life out of the battery even when they weren't being used. That issue is now solved with a simple tweak using FORScan. I've set the time out to two minutes (I've no idea what the factory setting was but it was well over an hour and might have been the full 18 hours allowed) you might be happy with one minute or one second or hours. If you want to try this I used the F150 spreadsheet for the setting and it worked fine for my Gen2. Change Power Point Time Out (H/M/S) BCM 726-39-01 **** xxxx xxxx Power Point MaxTime Cfg (seconds converted to hex) Use this spreadsheet link. Adjust the timeout you want, note hex in first column, change BCM accordingly. Cheers!
  5. In the original spirit of this thread here's the brief description: I used FORScan to set power point turn off at 2 minutes. More details in the regular Mods section.
  6. Gadgetjq

    Adding factory tow hitch

    Here's the simple answer: Spend some time browsing this section of the forum. Below your message are dozens of threads that detail wiring/harnesses/modules and, yes, hitch options which include your Sport. Note you'll probably never duplicate a factory installed trailering package which includes addtional engine/transmission cooling, an anti sway module (which may be included in the trailer module that would be tucked behind your right side cargo panel) and, of course, a class II hitch.
  7. I know, this has been posted before but thought I'd add a few pics along with a 'how-to'. This might be the simplest mod you can do to your Edge with the possible exception of swapping out lug nuts. I started with an aftermarket puddle light from iJDMToy ( https://amzn.to/2mmHnvc )primarily because I've used their products before and they've never let me down. If you look around you can probably find something similar for about half the price that may or may not be waterproof and may or may not be error free and might or might not last for years. Like my daddy once said "I'm too poor to buy cheap tools." Removal of the OEM puddle light is simplicity itself. Look under your mirror and you'll see a slot where you can insert a small flat blade screwdriver. Push toward the light and pull down. The light will simply hinge down so you can pull it out along with wiring. Pull the connector off of the OEM light (you might have to use that little screwdriver to pry it off). If your replacement comes with wiring already attached I'd recommend sliding a small piece of shrink tube over the connector (see pic). There's no use taking a chance metal will ever meet metal inside the mirror housing and take out an important fuse. After connecting your new puddle light open a door to be certain it works. Now you can shrink the tubing if you've used it. Put the new light in the mirror the reverse of the way you took the old one out (except you don't need the screwdriver). Repeat on the other side. Done! Below are photos showing a comparison of the OEM (incandescent) light and new LED, a shot of the new light dangling just to show the shrink tubing, a photo of it installed in the mirror housing and the result with no other light on in the garage. Compare that to what you have now. The final photo I shamelessly swiped from the iJDMToy website so those who prefer pics to text instructions can see how it's done. Cheers!
  8. Gadgetjq

    Reverse Light Upgrade

    Access to hatch wiring is fairly simple. Remove the pull handle on the passenger side of the panel and the screw(s) underneath. After those screws are out just start popping the panels off with a plastic tool or padded screwdriver. Once you get a panel started you can get your fingers under it and just move around the edges popping clips. You 'might' be able to access the reverse light harness with only one panel removed. If not then pull the next one. If you work better with pictures than descriptions download the factory service manual from MacT garage. Here's a link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Kv_Hsy6bOToW-NiO3ME9mY5TRvoHYKlS
  9. Gadgetjq

    Cup holder lighting

    Agree with Omar. Check your Display settings. The color buttons slide up and down to determine brightness. Perhaps they've all been turned off.
  10. Gadgetjq

    Anyone use Automatic Emergency Braking?

    It's in your owner's manual under "Driving Aids" : Alert: When active, a flashing visual warning appears and an audible warning tone sounds.
  11. Some are advising that we ignore that first 'done' message. Eventually the system continues the update and reboots THEN you're updated. Minimum update time I've seen is about 50 minutes.
  12. There may be a difference in rear seat leg room. I looked at RAV4 before buying the Edge but it's 4 cylinder only which was a hard pass for me
  13. Gen2 (2015+) is 72 (give or take an inch) x 45. There's some intrusion into the cargo area from the rear wheel wells. Discounting that you could add another 6" to the width. Length was measured from the inside of the tailgate (closed) to the back of the front seats.
  14. Gadgetjq

    Wont download contacts

    It sounds like you've deleted the bluetooth connection then added it again already but if not, do that. Check the Bluetooth connection on the phone to be sure you've enabled contact sharing.
  15. Gadgetjq

    Harbor Freight Cross beam

    I can't tell you whether it'll work or not, much depends on the capacity of your jack but, two things. 1. You'll need a pair of hockey pucks with slots cut in them so you don't crush the seam while lifting ( https://amzn.to/2IqOqel ) 2. HF frequently offers 20% off coupons in their emailed ads. Wait for one of those if you don't already have one lying around and save a few $$$.
  16. Actually it sounds like the right side light is working as designed. As your manual tells you some condensation is normal and will eventually clear itself. What 'isn't normal are heavy droplets of water or a sloshing puddle in the bottom of the assembly. Perhaps only your left and center housings need replacement.
  17. Gadgetjq

    Seat Belt Extender

    Freebie! This video provides part numbers:
  18. Please let us know if you manage to update your system to V3.3 and how you did it. The most recent update I've seen for my '16 is V3.0. I'm thinking you've gotten some bogus information from support but who knows, maybe there's a way
  19. EdgeDet, You 'should' have another update waiting. It'll be V3.0 and the build that was released last week 19205. With V3 you'll finally be able to use both Android Auto and Apple Car Play on the big screen. If you use an Apple device you should also have Waze as an app without having to use Car Play.
  20. Sure it would. If a product is still covered by warranty whether it's a tail light or a toaster it'd be foolish for an owner to do their own modification. Once outside the factory 3/36 warranty though it's time for some very careful reading of an extended policy (if purchased) or a little bit of do-it-yourself handiwork. Isn't this one of those 'needless to say' items?
  21. Gadgetjq

    12v plugs

    Plug in a 12v LED (or other low draw accessory) and check it out! If the port doesn't shut off immediately set a timer and check it out every 15 minutes or so. If your Gen1.5 works like Gen2 models the power ports can be set (using FORScan) in increments ranging from on/off with engine start stop to always on. A battery protection system will shut the ports down if voltage falls to a level that could threaten engine start. The OEM setting was something like an hour and a half.
  22. Gadgetjq

    Puddle Lights Part Deux

    Based on the photos I'd guess you're hoping to purchase via Amazon. That company has an excellent return process if the item isn't what you expected. Bottom line, order with confidence you can return the lights (free) if they don't appear in the real world as they do in the pictures.
  23. Gadgetjq

    Air Pressure

    14.7 psi in the cabin (at sea level)
  24. Washed It, wiped down under the hood, checked fluids, vacuumed, checked all lights and added air to all 4 tires (cooling off) then modified system using FORScan so navigation settings can be used by co-pilot while Edge is in motion. Good to go for another week.
  25. Disappointing but good to know. Thanks for the feedback!